14 New Pillboxes and Resin Experiments

14 Lime Pillboxes

Back in August, I created the above 14 new decorative multi-dose pillboxes, focusing on a lime and yellow theme. I also experimented with adding a clear resin layer to some Laurel Burch horse fabric cutouts, which turned out rather spectacular. Some of these boxes have already sold, but you can find the remaining ones on my website.

Adding resin to fabric makes it durable, stiff, and shiny, opening the door to many other fabric-based resin opportunities to create pilbox embellishments as well as jewelry and other items. Other resined fabric embellishments, pictured below, were made from the glittery peacock feathered ribbon shown in the photo’s center. Watch for these and more experiments like this to be featured in my future creations.

Resined Peacock Feathers

I have also been experimenting with pouring resin into molds and adding various glittery inclusions. The results are featured on several of the lime and yellow pillboxes shown above. I painted dark purple nail polish on the darker ones above to easily create a dichroic glass effect. More of such molded cabochons are pictured below.


Note that I also experimented with painting different colors and types of nail polish on the backs of some of the above cabochons. Watch for these to be used to embellish future multi-day pill organizers.

Not one to be satisfied with simple round or rectangular molds, I have since ventured into making my own molds using a 2-part flexible modeling clay that hardens in a short period of time. One of my first experiments in mold creation was to create and fill a cross pendant mold, in hopes of using it to create more such cross pendants with different inclusions and colors.

Cross Mold

This first experimental mold produced the cross shown above. I had to grind off drips several times, formed during subsequent resin pours on both sides of the cross, so this mold may have to be redone for practical future use. I do like the resultant cross, however, though it was indeed a labor of love!

Please leave a comment below to let me know what you think of these new creations and my resin experiments. If you have any resin or mold advice to offer, please include that info, too.

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25 New Decorative Pillboxes

150511 blue Pillboxes

I’ve been working for the past month or so on a batch of 25 new decorative multi-dose pillboxes, some of which are shown above. I used a variety of techniques on these boxes, including some totally new ones. All of these pill boxes are now available for sale on my website.

One new technique is shown on the right-hand box in the picture above. I added glittered crushed glass “shoals” on its stained glass to make it look like a meandering stream. The entire surface of the glass has been covered with a layer of jewelry quality clear resin for a good hand feel and to keep everything in place. Another piece of the same stained glass was used on the bottom center pillbox, which sports blue cat’s eye glass gems and a matching UTEEite star that has a resin coating on top for durability. I made the star out of ultra thick embossing enamel; hence its UTEEite name.

Three of the boxes in the center of the above picture feature glitter-patterned netting embedded in resin. The largest of these has a real blue daisy embedded in its transparent blue acrylic cabochon. The three small septagon pillboxes on the left feature various types of metal bezels containing Pebeo Fantasy enamel paints, dichroic glass cabochons, and glitter-filled resin. The top septagon also has aqua tiger-striped glitter netting embedded in the resin layer surrounding the bezel. Its stained glass top is also iridized for a mirrored rainbow effect. Quite a dazzler! The oblong pillbox in the upper left corner of the picture features iridescent dichroic glass cabochons in a Morse code da-di-da layout. The little green 1-dose box has iridescent green hearts floating in a resin layer on its brown stained glass top.

Brown Pillboxes

The two brown septagons and center red multi-dose pillbox in the picture above also feature the delightful Pebeo Fantasy enamels I’ve been working with recently. I’ve added dichroic and enameled glass cabochons, iridescent stars, and complementary colored glitter in the protective resin layers on these boxes. The three mostly black boxes above have decorative netting embedded in a resin layer on their stained glass tops. The larger of these three boxes has a white cat’s eye glass cabochon. The polka dot boxes sport iridescent rainbow-colored spots. The box on the right is a large 28-dose box with a beautiful striated yellow stained glass top and four large yellow cat’s eye cabochons.

Purple Pillboxes

All but the little pink dotted box in the above picture have mirrored iridescent rainbow stained glass tops, which makes them dazzling in hand and especially in the sunlight. The mod pillbox on the left has a ribbon of mirrored glass tiles, fireworks spangles, and glitter in matching colors, all embedded in clear resin. In fact, all the boxes in the above picture have protective top layers of clear resin. The box shown top right has a beautiful iridescent pink and purple dichroic glass oblong cabocon flanked by four pale purple glass gems. These all sit on a purple glittered ribbon. The box below this matches the large mod-design box. The two boxes shown lower right have aqua paisley glitter netting embedded in their resin layers on iridescent purple stained glass. Their slim profile makes them great little travel pillboxes or jewelry cases. The little black box in the center of the photo has iridescent pink-dotted netting embedded in resin on its black stained glass top.

Sand Pillboxes

The three pillboxes above were experiments with adding enamel/resin layers to portions of their textured stained glass tops. The definite challenge was to keep the resin from flowing over onto the bare stained glass areas. I’ll have to experiment further to perfect this technique! I was pleased that the texture of the glass was reflected in the enamel layers, though the resin layer on top provides a contrasting smoooth surface. The smaller two boxes are medium 28-dose pillboxes; the large box in the center is a 32-dose pillbox. The right-hand box has a lovely slab of dichroic glass at the forefront, adding depth to its beach scene.

All of these boxes may be turned over to access their individual hinged-lid compartments. The septagon 7-dose boxes have matching dichroic glass cabochons embedded in their central wells for an added surprise when these boxes are turned over for use.

For details or to purchase any of these pillboxes, hurry over to my website. They make great gifts!

Please leave a comment on my blog or contact me to let me know what you think of these new techniques and pillboxes. If a particular technique interests you, I’d be happy to incorporate it on a custom pillbox configured to meet your pill-taking or jewelry case needs.

New Product: Model Horse Rhythm Beads


Model Horse Rhythm Beads

I am pleased to announce the launch of a new product line: SteedBeads™ Rhythm Beads for Model Horses. These beautiful necklaces are sized to fit Breyer® Traditional size (largest) model horses, but they may also fit other model horse brands and sizes. My model horse rhythm beads are available in two sizes: Small (fits Arabian and other smaller breeds) and Medium (fits average size breeds, such as the Quarter Horse shown). These model horse accessories do not stretch, so ordering the correct size is important. They should lay comfortably on the horse’s shoulders or “drive line,” as shown in these pictures, where their jingle will most closely match the horse’s stride. My website provides instructions for measuring your model horse so you may determine which size to order.

These horse necklaces typically feature glass beads and a variety of colors and pendants. The tiny gold- or silver-plated “bells” are not large enough to jingle, but they simulate the bells on the jingling SteedBeads rhythm beads I make for live horses. Like all my SteedBeads products, these beautiful necklaces for model horses are sturdily designed for long-term active use and play. They are strung on strong plastic-coated multi-strand metal wire, and the ends are well secured with a unique clamping mechanism that looks like an additional gold- or silver-plated bead. They are worn by slipping them over the model horse’s head.

Small Model Horse Rhythm Beads

Although the “bells” on these SteedBeads rhythm beads are too tiny to actually jingle, when rhythm beads are worn on a real horse, their bells’ soothing jingle may:

  • Help your horse relax and be less spooky on the trail.
  • Encourage your horse to run faster in speed events, such as barrel racing.
  • Warn wild animals (and hunters) that you’re coming so they may get out of your way (and not shoot you).
  • Help you and your horse change gaits precisely and maintain a steady pace.
  • Help young horses and riders develop confidence.

Their use is popular with speed event riders as well as dressage, trail, endurance, and other riders.

Check my website to see the currently available selection of model horse rhythm beads, as well as durable readymade and custom SteedBeads for your real horses. Full-size SteedBeads rhythm beads are adjustably sized to fit your real horse and strung on 500 lb. strength cord. They have a mane clip at the withers; a variety of beautiful beads, bells, and central pendants; and a unique breakaway safety device that protects the beads and your horse should they catch on something. Jingling Saddle Dangles and Mane Dangles are also available.

Warning: SteedBeads rhythm beads for model horses contain small parts, so they are not suitable for children under age 3 .

New Website Launch

New website home page

New website home page

My website, KristiLynGlass.com, now runs using Magento ecommerce software that makes the website easier to view and use on mobile and handheld devices. The new website went live May 4, 2015, after an intensive three-month conversion effort on my part with the help of talented programmers from Hens Teeth Network, my long-time internet service provider.

The new website software also provides the increasingly complex product data required by Google merchant feeds so my site’s advertising can effectively compete with other online advertisers and my products can rank well in internet searches. Additional new website features include:

  • A slide show of featured products
  • Larger product photos
  • The ability to zoom in on product photos to better see details
  • Pictures of best sellers
  • The ability to compare products side by side
  • The ability to search and display category products by price range
  • The ability to save products to an online wish list
  • All products related to each work of art are available in a single product record
  • A slide show of pictorial testimonials from SteedBeads customers
  • The ability to submit SteedBeads testimonials and accompanying photos
  • Free shipping for orders over $75.00
  • Free shipping for orders shipped to Elko, NV, area addresses
  • The ability to become a registered customer to speed checkout, store addresses, save wishlist, and review previous orders
  • Gift wrapping services
  • Free gift message with order
  • Optional PayPal Express Checkout to speed the already easy checkout process

The website conversion was expensive, but necessary to be competitve in today’s online marketplace and prepared for its future requirements. Please check it out and leave a comment below or let me know what you think of the new website. Do also submit bug reports and suggestions for the website’s improvement. I would especially welcome online purchases of my creations to help pay for this expensive project! ;o}

New Glittery Bezeled Pillboxes

I recently completed a batch of a dozen new decorative multi-day pillboxes, seven of which feature a unique “tray bezel” embellishment. The bezels contain several layers, including enamel paints, glitter, dichroic glass cabochons, and clear jewelry quality resin, to produce gorgeous and unique effects.

The process to create these lovely bezeled pillboxes was quite time consuming, due to the cure times of some of the various components.

Step 1: I created large and small septagon patterns on my computer in sizes that are a bit smaller than the stained glass tops of the two sizes of sepagon pillbox base boxes I use.

Step 2: I created the septagonal outside “wall” of each bezel by wrapping flat goldtone, silvertone, or coppertone wire around a jig I made by pounding nails into a piece of wood. I created a large and small bezel in each of the three colors for a total of six bezels.

Step 3: When these metal pieces were formed and laying flat (on edge), I stuck them to clear packing tape (sticky side up) to form the bottom side of the bezel. I used packing tape also to secure the joint where the two ends of the metal met vertically.

Step 4: I mixed poured a thin layer of resin into the bottom of  the bezels and let it cure three days.

Step 5: I removed the packing tape from the bottom of the bezels.

Step 6: I added a variety of Pebeo Fantasy Moon and Prisme enamels to each bezel, leaving an open area roughly in the center of each one, to retain the transparency of the resin layer. I let this layer cure 24 hours.

Step 7: I chose and glued dichroic glass cabochons to the centers of the clear resin areas on each bezel and let the glue cure for 24 hours.

Step 8: I strategically sprinkled colored glitter into the designs on some of the bezels

Step 8: I mixed and added a layer of clear resin to fill each bezel to the top and let this layer cure 3 days.

Step 9: I cut and ground the edges of stained glass tops for each of the pillboxes.

Step 10: I glued the stained glass tops onto their septagonal pillbox bases and let the glue cure for 24 hours.

Step 11: I glued the completed bezels onto the stained glass tops of the pillboxes and let the glue cure for 24 hours.

Step 12: I turned the septagonal pillboxes over and glued cabochons in the center holes of each box and let the glue cure for 24 hours.

I was pleased with the effect of the transparent centers of these bezels, as they allowed the colors of the stained glass to show through, as shown in the Blue Small Septagon pillbox below.

Sky Blue Septagon

As part of this new bezel project, I experimented with forming the bezel exterior into a shape other than a septagon. Being an avid horse person, of course my first thought was to try to create a horse head bezel. This bezel went into production along with the rest of the bezels. I chose grey and pearly white enamels to assure the horse was my favorite color, grey with a dark wispy mane, and gave it an emerald cut diamond-like rhinestone eye. When complete, the bezel was mounted on rainbow iridescent stained glass. For durability and extra bling, I coated this delicate glass with a glitter-filled layer of resin, surrounding the bezel. This box pleased me so much that it has been dedicated to my personal use.

Horse Pillbox

Do contact me if you would like me to create a custom pillbox including a tray bezel. If you want a shape other than a septagon, I’d be happy to create and fill a bezel in that shape. Think about it! The bezel could represent your favorite pet, symbol, initial, or . . . ? You name it!

This batch of pillboxes also includes three Medium 14-dose pillboxes with the same rainbow iridescent stained glass I sued on my personal horse head box. Their additional embellishments include a glass leaf, dichroic glass cabochon, and jeweltone acrylic nuggets, all embedded in layer of glitter filled clear resin, adding durability to this delicate stained glass. The effects on these boxes are dazzling, especially in the sunlight. One of these boxes (already sold) included a large rectangular iridescent dichroc glass cabochon surrounded by a layer of resin containing  a lacy scroll pattern of glitter.

Tiger Sunset Pillboxe

Another Small Septagon pillbox in this batch features a traditional round studded goldtone bezel filled with similar contents as my personally created tray bezels. The bezel rests on beautiful Tiger Sunset stained glass.

Tiger Sunset Pillbox

Also featuring the same Tiger Sunset stained glass, the last pillbox in this batch seems almost tame, compared to the others, but it is still lovely and includes the tiger’s spots.  This Tiger Sunset Large 14-dose pillbox  features a spotted glass snail shell atop a slab of sunset hued stained glass. An iridescent round crystal bead also adorns the shell.

The first pillbox in this batch sold the day I posted it on my website, so if you are interested in any of these pillboxes, you may need to act fast. Check them out on my website’s readymade pillbox page. Click on the pictures on that page to view details and many more pictures of each pillbox. If the one you love is gone, you may order a custom pillbox in a similar style or the style and color(s) of your choosing. Adding a bezel or dichroic glass embellishment to a custom box will cost a little bit extra, but as you can see, they are quite lovely, and the bezels take quite a bit of work to create.



Dozen New Prayer Beads

6 New Prayer Beads

I created and added a dozen new sets of Anglican Prayer Beads  to my website this week. To learn more about using them to enhance prayer time, see this post.

Many of them feature some of the beautiful new patchwork multicolored dichroic glass crosses that I recently commissioned from a talented glass artisan.

Dichroic Glass Crosses

Others include pewter and antiqued gold finished bezeled crosses I created with Fantasy Prisme/Moon enameled interiors and dichroic glass cabochons embedded in glitter-filled clear jewelry quality resin.

Enameled Bezeled Cross

Some are long enough to wear as necklaces. All are unique and especially lovely in hand.

These are selling fast, so make your selections quickly. They make great Christmas gifts, and a copy of my 16-page Anglican Prayer Beads booklet is included with each purchase!

6 New Anglican Prayer Beads


Zentangle Demo Sept. 16

Zentangle by Kristi Lyn Glass


I will be demonstrating the Zentangle art form at the 5:30 pm, September 16, Elko County Art Club Fun Night at the ECAC Art Gallery, 407 Railroad Street in downtown Elko, Nevada. Attendees will have the opportunity to use pen, pencil, and ink to create a Zentangle tile, learn a few tangles with which to fill it, and find out more about tangling and Zentangle-inspired art. They can also check out my library of Zentangle how-to books and myvarious materials and tools for tangling. See zentangle.com for more info about the Zentangle art form.

The evening’s activities will begin with an opportunity for participants to share their creative portfolios, artistic interests, or current works in progress. An optional dollar-per-ticket Brown Bag Drawing will follow for a chance to win an artistic creation by last month’s winner, Ross Crouch. Proceeds go to the ECAC Scholarship Fund. After a brief explanation of ECAC activities and needs, there will be social time and free refreshments before the demo starts.

Refreshments and all demo materials will be provided free of charge, and anyone age 12 or older who is interested in art and doodling as a form of relaxation is invited to attend. For more information about the Fun Night, contact me.

22 New Pillboxes

New Enamel Resin Pillboxes

I’ve been working on this huge batch of 22 new decorative multi-day pillboxes for a couple of months. I just put them all on my website last week.

All but the large blue box in the photo above are enamel on glass with a durable layer of jewelry quality clear resin on top. I added colored glitter to the resin layer on some of these for a bit of sparkle. Cabochons on these are either dichroic glass or glass enameled on the back side in matching colors. All of these are especially lovely in hand.

The large blue box has a glass top with layers of holographic square glitter flakes in blue with a similar band of purple. Read all about this super blingy box in in detail here.

The additional new pillboxes below are my more traditional stained glass type. The interesting leafy glass on the larger boxes at left led me to insert a real tree branch in the channel under the glass on the white box. I also created the chunky heart bezels by filling them with acrylic nuggets and resin. These are especially lovely in sunlight.

New Enamel Resin Pillboxes

Check out all of these new boxes on my website and let me know what you think of them by leaving a comment here. Hope you can give one or more of them a new home. It’s not too early to start Christmas shopping!


Keys to Happiness Workshop Starts Sept. 8

Keys Logo

The Fall 2014 Keys to Happiness and Healthy Relationships 12-session workshop for women will begin at 6:30 p.m.  Monday, Sept. 8, at Vitality Unlimited, 1250 Lamoille Hwy., Suite 208 (next to Gene Russell Photography), in Elko, NV.

The workshop is open to women interested in learning critical life skills and developing more fulfilling relationships with partners, families, friends, employers, or co-workers. It will help participants understand their relationship history, improve their communications, effectively set boundaries, and better handle anger, unmet expectations, criticism, intimacy, and more. I developed and have been leading this valuable workshop for nonprofit Vitality Center at least twice annually since 2004. Workshops begin in September and January.

The workshop will meet at  the same place/time on successive Mondays through Dec. 1, skipping Nov. 10. Each session is approximately 2 hours in length.

Cost is $20 per session with a $15 discount if the tuition for all twelve sessions is paid at the first session. Welfare, vocational rehabilitation, DWSS, the Elko Band Council, and other social service agencies may provide tuition help for their clients. Major credit cards accepted by prior arrangement.

Pre-registration by phone, mail, or email is preferred so enough materials can be prepared, but walk-ins will be accepted at the first session. If you cannot make it to the first session on Sept. 8, please contact me by Sept. 15 to arrange a make-up session, so you can still continue with this group. No additional participants will be accepted after Sept. 15.

More workshop details are online at
http://www.vitalityunlimited.org/Keystohappiness.shtml (Please note that the location and meeting day are incorrect on this web page.)

A trifold workshop brochure and two workshop flyers are available in .PDF format. (Flyer 1 and Flyer 2)

If you do not have Adobe Reader to view .PDF files, you can download it for free by clicking here: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

Please act quickly to register or pass this information on to others who may be interested in participating in this valuable life-skills workshop for women. Printing and posting the available flyers would be a big help in getting the word out, as Vitality Center has no advertising funds for this.

Thank you for your support of this life-changing workshop!

Help Spread the Word!

It would be especially helpful and appreciated if you would give the Keys workshop a mention on Twitter or Facebook (or other social networking sites) or forward this announcement to your friends who may be interested in my workshops. If you have questions or suggestions for additional workshop advertising ideas, please contact me!

Enameled Cabochon Pendants

Golden Cream Enamel Pendant

Golden Cream Enamel Pendant

I have been so enamored of Pebeo’s new Fantasy Prisme and Moon enamels, that I’ve experimented with using them on clear glass cabochons for use on pillbox tops and necklaces. My first thought was that the beautiful patterns that these enamels make would be visible through the cabochon glass if I just painted the enamel on the back of the cabochon. Much to my surprise, the beautiful pattern only rose to the surface of the enameled back of the cabochon; the design that showed through the magnifying cabochon only reflected where the enamel colors first touched the clear glass. For example, the view below is what appeared through the cabochon above on which I had painted the enamel.

Back side of pendant

Back side of pendant

Therefore, to make the “prettier” side of the enamel visible, I had to glue another clear glass cabochon to the back of the enameled cabochon. Then magic took place. The glue interacted with the enamel and formed the ripples or ridges in the enamel pattern, making it even more lovely!

Pendant suspended from scarf

Pendant suspended from scarf

Then I experimented with adding faceted crystal beads on the wire surrounding a similar pendant and using matching marble beads to form the necklace.

Beaded enamel pendant

Beaded enamel pendant

I have since created a few more such pendants with scarf connectors like the ones shown here and offered them for sale on my website. You can find most of these pendants here.

What do you think of these enameled cabochon pendants? Should I make more of them? Which connector type do you like best and/or do you think will be most saleable? Should I attempt to find matching scarves to sell with these pendants?