14 Mirrored Decorative Pillboxes

14 Mirrored Pillboxes

My latest batch of 14 mostly mirrored decorative multi-dose pillboxes feature enameled and glittery resined tops in a variety of colors. They are now available on my website. Some have marbled effects and my handmade resin cabochons, like this Sandstorm 7-dose rectangle.

Sandstorm Pillbox

Some look like mountain landscapes with mirrored skies, like this Misty Mountains 32-dose pillbox.

Misty Mountains Pillbox

Some reflect (literally) my use of tinted resin to enhance the effect and colors, like this Green Pond XL 14-dose pillbox.

Green Pond XL 14-dose pillbox

Two have resined enamel covering the entire glass surface, like this Green Silver Cyclone 7-dose rectangle pillbox. Note how the resin created unexpected ripples in the enamel layer.


This batch also added more of my larger pillbox sizes to my readymade pillbox inventory, which were lacking. I also added a new Custom 7-dose Rectangle Pillbox option to accommodate this newly available base box size.

Each of these pillboxes is like a fascinating jewel in hand and will look delightful on any countertop. My mirrored and enameled pillboxes are selling quickly, so if one of these appeals to you, snap it up today on my website!

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Dozen New Protestant Prayer Beads

Dozen New Prayer Beads

I recently completed the above 12 new Protestant (Anglican) prayer beads and added them to my website.

They include several prayer bead necklaces, long enough to slip over your head for multi-purpose use. Some of these sets feature multicolored dichroic glass crosses or samples of the many new agate crosses and heart pendants I’ve recently acquired from China. I’ll do a separate blog post about those.

The unique cross on the fifth from the left set shown above is pictured below.

Purple Resin Cross

I made a mold to create this cross using resin with embedded iridescent elements. I am pleased with the result, but its creation was rather labor intensive, requiring several pours and polishings.


New Rhythm Bead Bells

Rhythm Bead Bells

In the search for the “perfect jingles” for my SteedBeads® Rhythm Beads for horses, I always seek bells that are both durable and pleasant sounding. The above bells are what I currently have in stock. The bottom row shows goldtone and silvertone jingle bells, chromed and brass round temple bells, brass temple bell, and brass face bell. The top row shows larger bells with a much louder tone: chromed and coppered brass sun bells, chromed and brass almond bells, and brass heart bells. I have not been able to acquire plain brass sun bells, but I will keep seeking a wholesale source for these.

The almond and heart bells have an especially loud tone that some might consider too loud (?). Still, they do have a very nice sound.

I have created three sets of readymade SteedBeads Rhythm Beads (pictured below) using some of these new bells and added them to my website. All are 52″ in size, which will fit a larger than average size horse.

3 Rhythm Beads

Any of these bells may be specified as components in custom SteedBeads Rhythm Beads. Order your set today, and don’t forget to include matching Mane Dangles and/or Saddle Dangles!

Marbled Mirrored Multi-dose Pillboxes

15 New PIllboxes

My previous mirrored and enameled pillboxes have been so popular that I recently created a new batch featuring mirrored glass and marbeled enamel techniques. Using a comb-like tool, I was able to marble the enamel and draw it partially over the mirrored surface, creating effects that sometimes look like a stand of trees. I love how the enamels reacted to being marbled in this way! I added some beautiful resin or dichroic glass cabochons to the cured enameled surface before pouring a protective layer of clear jewelry quality resin over the entire box top. This resin layer added depth to the design, firmly seated the cabochons, and offered the opportunity to add harmonizing glitter in the resin for even more bling.

These pillboxes are mesmerizing in hand and especially in the sunlight. The design on the box below looks like a stand of turquoise trees. The mirrored background peeps through their trunks for additionial sparkle. Glitter in the resin adds twinkle to the trees and their roots.

Aqua Mirrored Trees 7-dose pillbox

Several of the above pillboxes feature resin cabochons that I personally cast in special molds. The domed cabochons on the large green box feature submerged striped cane glass beads, which resulted in the cabochons having vertical colored stripes circling their centers. Other resin cabochons shown contain mirrored swirls, pailettes, glitter, beads, and/or iridescent fibers.

The green and solid orange pillboxes shown above feature resin cabochons on stained glass tops with no mirrors or enamel or resin layers. The glass on the large green pillbox has a lovely ribbed finish.

Green Ribbed Dots 7-dose Pllbox

Most of these pill organizers also incorporate three new base box designs/shapes that I’ve recently been able to acquire from a new supplier: 4-dose, 8-dose, and 7-dose rectangles. The 8-dose box is the same size as the 4-dose box, so it offers a petite box for a week’s pills or to contain small morning/evening doses for a 4-day period.

The new base boxes offer clean lines and come in a wide variety of solid and transparent colors. I am looking forward to being better able to harmonize the colors of my base boxes with the tops and embellishments on future pill dispensers in these sizes. Previously, I’ve been limited to just a few available colors of base boxes. Here is a look at the undersides of these new base boxes:

Transparent Blue 4-dose  Transparent Green 8-dose  Transparent Orange 7-dose

When I get a better handle on the colors available in each of these new base box types, I’ll  add custom pillbox options for them to my website.

I’ll still be using most of the 16 base box types I’ve used in previous creations, but a few colors/configurations have been discontinued by their manufacturer. I am most sad about the discontinuation of the large septagon pillbox. Fortunately, I have several of these base boxes in inventory, so I’ll be making more of these until I’ve used up my supply. If you want a custom large septagon pillbox, it would be wise to get your order in soon, before there are no more such base boxes available.

I’ve added all of the pillboxes shown above to my website this week, so hurry if you want one or more for yourself or for gifting. I expect them to be snapped up quickly! Do keep in mind that these creations also make lovely jewelry cases for travel or your boudoir.  Let me know what you think of these new creations or base boxes by leaving a comment on this post.


New Protestant Prayer Beads

4 New Prayer Beads

I just created the above four sets of Protestant (Anglican) Prayer Beads and posted them for sale on my website. The two on the left are long enough to be worn as necklaces. I also created their two crosses by adding enamel paints inside their pewter bezels, gluing iridescent dichroic glass cabohons in their centers, and filling the bezels with glitter-filled jewelry quality resin.

I created the Prayer Bead Necklace below for donation to the silent auction to benefit the Spring Creek Christian Academy at its annual dinner event March 19, 2016, at the Red Lion Inn in Elko, Nevada. It features embossed pewter Cruciform beads, crackle glass Week beads (with pewter bead caps, hematite spacer beads, and a lovely embossed and rhinestoned pewter cross.

SCCA Silent Auction Donation

15 Enameled Mirrored and Aurora Pillboxes

151210 Mirror Pillboxes 160118 10 Pillboxes

Inspired by the lovely effects of enamel and glitter on the mirrored tops of some 7-day strip pillboxes I created last December (top picture above), I decided to explore this technique with larger pillboxes, as shown in the photo above, which also includes the gold and red 7-day strip pillbox shown in the top picture. The orange pillboxes in the picture above also feature champagne-tinted resin, for more of a golden glow. The cost of tinted mirrored glass, as shown on the 7-day strip pillbox and a few others in the top picture, is too high for purchase in larger sizes for this product, so I will be experimenting more with using tinted resin over plain mirrored glass.

As shown on the small septagon pillboxes above, I have also begun recycling old CDs and DVDs for use as pillbox tops. I’m calling these Aurora pillboxes, in honor of the beautiful rainbow aurora borealis effect of these disks. Successfully cutting the disks to this shape posed quite a challenge that I will explain in detail in a future blog post. One such attempt resulted in the beautiful mirrored foil layer peeling entirely away from its plastic base! Seeing this as a happy accident, I transformed the resultant fully transparent septagon with alcohol inks, resin, glitter, and enamel to create the Purple Heart pillbox shown below. The blue base box shows through parts of the pillbox top to add another dimension to the box’s colors.

160119 Purple Heart S Sept

The hole in the center of each disk presented both challenges and opportunities.  On some of the Aurora pillbox tops, such as the Golden Aurora Sun pillbox below, I covered the hole with a cabochon and used resin to make it appear to float in mid-air. This beautiful box was the first of the Aurora boxes to sell.

160119 Golden Aurora Sun S Sept-4

On the Blue Aurora Pillbox below, I positioned a smaller cabochon in the center of the larger hole, and suspended it there in clear resin.

160119 Blue Aurora Dicro CD S Sept

Then I turned the box over, glued another dichroic glass cabochon behind the top side’s cabochon, and added another layer of resin to the box’s central well. This picture also shows the non-aurora side of the CD which I painted silver, so its lettering and graphics would not show through the bottom of the pillbox’s compartments.

160119 Blue Aurora Dicro CD S Sept-2

Many of these pill organizers have already sold, but you can check out what’s available on my website. I’ll be making more like these soon. Please leave a comment on this post to let me know what you think of these new techniques!

19 New Earrings

151120 19 Earrings-A 151120 New Earrings

In preparation for the recent Christmas shopping season, I created the above 19 sets of new earrings and posted them for sale on my website. Some have already been sold, but the rest are still available with prices from $8-$12. Ear wires are either stainless steel or gold-plated.

I especially loved making the Black Doggie earrings pictured below. Each pup has a beaded “leash.”

151120 Back Doggie Earrings

Aurora Glass Tile Shirt-Collar Necklaces

Large Glass Tile Collar

Dior NecklaceThe intriguing coral-colored collar necklace in the recent Dior ad shown at left  inspired me to find out more about it and its price. I learned that the “Dioring the Jungle” necklace is plastron in metal and lacquer, and it sells for $1,550.00.  I was amazed, but undaunted.

I set out to create necklaces in a similar style. I eschewed  Dior’s flimsy one-note plastic design in favor of beautiful aurora iridescent glass tiles with both smooth and bumpy textures. I believe the resultant necklaces are much prettier and more versatile than the Dior versions, as they are made of real glass and may be worn with a variety of colors.

I created these necklaces in two sizes, large and small, to accommodate various body sizes and desires for dramatic effect. The large one is shown above, and the small one is shown below. Each tile collar is suspended on matching iridized glass beads with an adjustable chain-and-lobster-claw clasp to conform to a variety of clothing necklines. A faceted rainbow-hued glass bead joins the two collar-like panels of each necklace.

Although these necklaces may look heavy, they are actually very comfortable to wear and drape beautifully, due to their flexible construction. They definitely inspire envious attention and rapturous comments.

Perhaps the best thing about my collar necklace creations is that they are far more affordable than the Dior versions. The large Aurora Collar Necklace sells for only $65.00, and the small Aurora Collar Necklace sells for only $60.00. Both are currently available on my website, but if they have been snapped up before you get there, and you want one, let me know. I would be delighted to create a similar custom collar necklace for you. Color options for the glass tiles are practically limitless.

150920 Tile Collar Small-2

New 3-times-daily Pillbox Size

3x Daily Pillbox  3x Daily Pillbox Top View

A customer recently requested a custom 21-dose weekly-3-times-daily pillbox. I was eager to accommodate her, as this configuration would fill a common need, but it is not commercially available. This decorative pillbox was for her husband, so she needed enough spacing between the rows of 7-dose strip pillboxes to accommodate his larger fingers. The pill organizer also needed to match their bathroom decor and include a dichroic glass seahorse. I was delighted to create the above custom pillbox for her using a slab of beautiful stained glass to anchor three medium 7-day strip pillboxes. The picture below shows the pillbox in the customer’s bathroom setting.

150810 CUSTOM 3xdaily pillbox-3

Using this pillbox as a prototype, similar 3-times-daily (or 3-week) custom pillboxes could easily be made in a variety of sizes by merely substituting different size 7-dose-strip pill boxes and adjusting, as needed, the spacing between the rows of pill dispensers. If you would like a custom pillbox made with a configuration similar to this one, please contact me with your size details so I may quote you a price.

14 New Pillboxes and Resin Experiments

14 Lime Pillboxes

Back in August, I created the above 14 new decorative multi-dose pillboxes, focusing on a lime and yellow theme. I also experimented with adding a clear resin layer to some Laurel Burch horse fabric cutouts, which turned out rather spectacular. Some of these boxes have already sold, but you can find the remaining ones on my website.

Adding resin to fabric makes it durable, stiff, and shiny, opening the door to many other fabric-based resin opportunities to create pilbox embellishments as well as jewelry and other items. Other resined fabric embellishments, pictured below, were made from the glittery peacock feathered ribbon shown in the photo’s center. Watch for these and more experiments like this to be featured in my future creations.

Resined Peacock Feathers

I have also been experimenting with pouring resin into molds and adding various glittery inclusions. The results are featured on several of the lime and yellow pillboxes shown above. I painted dark purple nail polish on the darker ones above to easily create a dichroic glass effect. More of such molded cabochons are pictured below.


Note that I also experimented with painting different colors and types of nail polish on the backs of some of the above cabochons. Watch for these to be used to embellish future multi-day pill organizers.

Not one to be satisfied with simple round or rectangular molds, I have since ventured into making my own molds using a 2-part flexible modeling clay that hardens in a short period of time. One of my first experiments in mold creation was to create and fill a cross pendant mold, in hopes of using it to create more such cross pendants with different inclusions and colors.

Cross Mold

This first experimental mold produced the cross shown above. I had to grind off drips several times, formed during subsequent resin pours on both sides of the cross, so this mold may have to be redone for practical future use. I do like the resultant cross, however, though it was indeed a labor of love!

Please leave a comment below to let me know what you think of these new creations and my resin experiments. If you have any resin or mold advice to offer, please include that info, too.