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Enameled Cabochon Pendants

I have been so enamored of Pebeo’s new Fantasy Prisme and Moon enamels, that I’ve experimented with using them on clear glass cabochons for use on pillbox tops and necklaces. My first thought was that the beautiful patterns that these enamels make would be visible through the cabochon glass if I just painted the enamel […]

Elko Art Walk Participation 5/11/13

I’ll again be participating in the Elko, Nevada, Downtown Business Association’s Art Walk from 3-6 p.m. Saturday, May. 11, 2013. I’ll be at the Western Folklife Center demonstrating my beaded jewelry making techniques. Other local artists will be working on and selling their creations at various downtown businesses during this event, so it will be […]

Jewelry Now at Elko Chamber of Commerce

On March 8, I placed in the Elko, Nevada, Chamber of Commerce Gift Shop seven new porcelain and real turquoise necklaces and 24 pair of earrings that were previously on my website. To achieve this, I purchased a revolving jewelry display rack and had hang tags custom made with my 4-color logo on them for […]

New Jewelry Galore

I’ve been on a beading spree lately, creating 7 new necklaces and 5 new pair of earrings. These have all been posted for sale on my website, though I’m loathe to part with some of them, they are so lovely. Two of the necklaces I made using Wonderstone (Rhyolite) that I found in the Elko, […]

Teal Wave Hoop Earrings

I was convinced I could somehow form molten UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) into transparent teal waves inside 1.5″ hoop earrings. Four hours later, I had produced three sets of similar earrings, two for pierced ears, and one with adjustable clip-on attachments. The trial-and-error process wasn’t easy, but I’m delighted with the results. At first, I […]

Half Dozen New Earrings and a Kilt Pin

My stash of beautiful Millefiori flowered glass beads called to me last week, inspiring me to create a half dozen pair of earrings, including a pair of clip-on earrings. I posted them on my website today. I also created a unique silver-plated kilt pin with three dangles of patriotic Millefiori beads. No, you do not have to […]

UTEEite Pendant Necklaces

I recently turned two of my UTEEite components into pendants and incorporated them into two new necklaces. The UTEEite colors in these pendants are swirled purple, silver, pearl, gold, and clear. A leaf-shaped pendant inspired a necklace containing polished gemstone nuggets and picture jasper beads, emphasizing the natural tones. A whimsical heart-shaped pendant begged me […]

Repurposed Jewelry

A friend recently mailed me an enticing box of broken and cast-off jewelry to repurpose into new pieces to sell on my website. From the components sent, I created four new necklaces, five pair of earrings, and a bracelet . . . so far! I offered my friend any of the repurposed pieces as a “thank you” […]

Butterfly, Pig, and Hat Pins

I recently made some of my teal and green UTEEite embellishments into five hat-shaped pins, and a pig pin that some say looks more like a rhinoceros. I embellished them with fancy beaded hat bands and gave the pig a stunning iridescent ear and blue beaded collar. Each of the blue hat pins is approximately 2″ wide, and […]

Four UTEEite Pendant Necklaces

Four new necklaces containing some of my recently created UTEEite embellishments as pendants are now available for purchase on my website. I wore a couple of them to recent local events and got so many compliments I was tempted to keep them myself, but I decided to let you have the chance to make one or more of them your own. […]