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Artwork to be exhibited at Blohm Jewelers

Blazing Forest

One of the encaustic works on display at Blohm Jewelers.

I’ve been invited to be the sole artist to have works exhibited at Blohm Jewelers in Elko, NV, from March 13 through July 11, 2010! I will have six works on display in the new gallery area of their store, and a poster about my exhibit will be displayed in their store window. Blohm Jewelers is located on the corner of Fifth and Idaho Streets, the center of Elko’s downtown shopping district. If you are interested in purchasing a work on display, contact me directly or purchase it via my website , as Blohm Jewelers will not handle any artwork sales transactions.

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One thought on “Artwork to be exhibited at Blohm Jewelers

  1. Genny says:

    This is beautiful…I love the colors. Can’t wait until I see your whole collection that is on display.

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