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Two new sets of SteedBeads available

Purple SteedBeads with Shiny Bells

These purple SteedBeads with shiny bells are 50" long.

Last week, I completed two new sets of SteedBeads (jingling necklaces for horses) and posted them for sale on my website These incorporate faceted transparent acrylic tube beads and either shiny purple bells or the new cat’s eye enameled bells I’m experimenting with. The purple set has already inspired a custom order in a larger size! These non-custom SteedBeads are just $20 each, plus shipping. As a purple lover, the set shown was especially fun to make! See my website for details about these and many other SteedBeads options.

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One thought on “Two new sets of SteedBeads available

  1. Heather says:

    I am so excited to see the custom set Kristi Lyn made!
    These are just beautiful…

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