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New Jewelry Creations!

I recently completed two new jewelry pieces and listed them on my website. The first is a orange and yellow cane and Millefiori glass dangle bracelet that is very vibrant and fun. It is a lively blend of hearts, flowers, and striped cane glass beads, perfect for spring! Check it out here.

Mt. Fuji Dichro Necklace

The second creation is an absolutely dazzling necklace that features a unique dichroic glass pendant in which a shimmering gold Mt. Fuji seems to float on an iridescent purple, teal, green, and blue background. This pendant is flanked by eight rare Swarovski faceted crystal vitreal round dangles that radiate rainbow colors in a way that is quite mesmerizing. See this listing on my website for details. If you love bling and rainbows, this necklace is for you!

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