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New Encaustic Paintings!

Encaustic Print--Teal or Purple Sky?

Is sky purple or teal? Flip Image upside down and choose!

My husband, Rick, gave me a ton of new encaustic equipment and supplies for my birthday, and I have begun putting them to good use! I’m still learning to better handle this new melted wax medium, but I’m encouraged by my early results, some of which are attached. These and others have been posted for sale on my website

Encaustic Painting--Purple Orchard

Encaustic Painting--Purple Orchard

I now have a new, larger encaustic hot plate, brushes, wax, heat gun, encaustic iron, hot stylus, instructional DVD, and lots of large special encaustic paper. Watch for more, larger works to come with more detail and expertise as I learn more about creating encaustic (hot wax) paintings on a larger scale.

Encaustic Painting--Raptors Against Wintry Sky Over Sage

Encaustic Painting--Raptors Against Wintry Sky Over Sage

One thought on “New Encaustic Paintings!

  1. Lach says:

    Especially like the sage colors. Have all the encaustic stuff: wax, heat gun, hot plate, boards. Soon to try this new medium (new to me that is)

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