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Reorganization of Store

I have decided to focus my store to contain only my SteedBeads (horse rhythm beads), stained glass embellished decorative pill organizers, and real rose petal jewelry. I’ll be moving more of my pill organizers and SteedBeads from my website http:/ to my store front over the next week or so. Check out my listings there at . Attached is a picture of one of my multi-day pill organizers listed on I’ve also been taking some new pictures of my pill organizers in different settings for use in my product listings. I’ve positioned loose pills beside them in the new pictures so their intended use is more obvious. They do look more like beautifully embellished boxes than pill organizers, which–duh!–is the point! These would make great Mothers’ Day or Fathers’ Day gifts.

Pill Organizer--XL 14-Day Blue Confetti Swirl

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One thought on “Reorganization of Store

  1. Holly Renee says:

    I love this idea for a pill organizer. Yours are so beautiful. I agree that they would make great Mothers/Fathers Day gifts!!

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