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New SteedBeads Products: Mane and Saddle Dangles

I’ve recently added two new products to my SteedBeads™ rhythm beads product line: Mane Dangles and Saddle Dangles.

Rainbow SteedBeads with matching Mane Dangle

SteedBeads Mane Dangles typically are 8.5″-12″ long overall, and have one strand of beads that terminates in a bell. These jingling decorative horse rhythm bead accessories are attached to the underside of a horse’s mane with an alligator clamp, and they are usually positioned far enough back from the horse’s ears so they will not swing and hit the horse in the head. Mane Dangles are $9.00 each, and some buyers purchase multiple matching Mane Dangles for additional mane bling and jingle.

Custom SteedBeads Saddle Dangles

SteedBeads Saddle Dangles are usually purchased in pairs, one for each side of the saddle. These rhythm beads  typically have two approximately 4″-5″ bead strands, each terminating in a bell. They attach to the saddle with either the 24MM nickel- or gold-plated split ring provided or solely with their integral snap clip, which can attach to an existing D-ring or other saddle part. Overall length is 6″-7″ (5″-6″ if the split ring is not used). Saddle Dangles are $5.00 each. A variation of the Saddle Dangle, called a Saddle Bow Dangle, is constructed to form a bow tie shape. Due to the extra work and materials required to make Saddle Bow Dangles, they are priced at $6.00 each.

SteedBeads Saddle Bow Dangle

SteedBeads Saddle Bow Dangle

Mane and Saddle Dangles are typically made to match a set of SteedBeads rhythm beads, reflecting its bead pattern and bell type, though other types of Mane and Saddle Dangles may be made or requested. A matching Mane/Saddle Dangle Combo package consisting of a Mane Dangle and two Saddle Dangles is available for the discounted price of $18.00, or $20.00 if Saddle Bow Dangles are requested as part of the Combo.

The purple Saddle Bow Dangle and its matching Mane Dangle and Scalloped SteedBeads are available on my website, as are custom Saddle/Mane Dangles and two Combo options. The Saddle Dangles shown above, including their matching Mane Dangles and SteedBeads, are available on my web store.

If you already have a set of SteedBeads, you can still order custom Mane and/or Saddle Dangles to match. We can work out the details after you place you custom order. 

What do you think of these new products?

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