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Website Redesign

My website,, is currently undergoing major redesign to make the site easier to use and to encourage increased product sales. The right navigation bar has been moved to the left, and its content and product menu have been reformatted for easier use. The Pillboxes and SteedBeads™ category pages have been reorganized and redesigned to ease navigation and more prominently feature products for sale. These products have been divided into Readymade and Custom products. Product display lists also are being reorganized to show the newest products first, instead of last.

As mentioned in an earlier post, the SteedBeads™ custom category/product updates are still underway, so please use the SteedBeads™ Gallery menu option in the meantime to view and purchase available SteedBeads™ products. When these modifications are complete, you will be able to order Custom SteedBeads™ arranged by at least 31 different pendant types.

What do you think of the new organization and design? Are they improvements? Are the pages more attractive? What else could be improved on the website to make it easier to use and/or encourage product purchases? I look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions!

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One thought on “Website Redesign

  1. Sharon in NC says:

    The website works even better this way, and I love the new things! Only problem is that I’m an Evernote user, and wish I could quickly copy specific item pix and details to the gift and shopping lists I maintain in Evernote, where I can clip as I browse, and then sort, label and quickly compare stuff as I make decisions later. (I did a workaround by going back and copying my favorite items’ pix/names/prices from the gallery page, which took a bit more time, but it will work well enough to remind me.)

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