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Stronger SteedBeads Rhythm Beads

Holes in these beads are too small for use on extra-strong cord.

I’ve had a few reports of abrasion problems with the synthetic cord I’ve been using for my SteedBeads™ rhythm beads for horses. I’ve therefore begun using a new type of extra strong tan cord that  is much more abrasion resistant and has a breaking strength of over 500 lbs. Unfortunately, the new cord is a tiny bit larger in diameter, so a few of my usual components cannot be used with it. Its larger diameter also requires slightly different cord termination methods. I believe these minor trade-offs are well worth the increased security and longevity of the extra strong cord for future SteedBeads products.

I will continue to use the regular strength cord for Mane and Saddle Dangles, as abrasion has not been an issue with these products.

Any SteedBeads customers who are experiencing cord abrasion or regular strength cord breakage problems on their SteedBeads are welcome to mail their SteedBeads (provided at least 50% of the remaining components are available, if the strand broke) to me to be restrung on the new cord. If any of your existing components cannot fit on the new cord, they will be replaced with something similar. I’ll be happy to promptly restring broken or abraded SteedBeads on the new extra strong cord at no cost and pay the return postage. I want my customers to be completely satisfied with their SteedBeads products. Return broken or abraded SteedBeads products to: Kristi Lyn Glass, PO Box 281630, Lamoille, NV  89828 USA. Please include your name, mailing address, phone number, and email address.

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