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Millefiori Earrings and Purse Bling

Yellow Black EarringsWhile my high school riding buddy was visiting me last week, she asked me to make some earrings to match some of her jewelry. In that sitting, I made three sets of earrings for her, a pair of earrings for another friend’s birthday, and a pair to offer for sale today on my website.

I recently took a shopping trip to Salt Lake City (4 hours from here by car) and couldn’t miss stopping at Michael’s craft store. There I found the unique faceted Millefiori beads used on the earrings shown in the picture at left. The bead strand I bought has several different color beads, so watch for more earrings like these to be made soon.

Purse Dangle

Closer view of Purse Dangle.

I also bought a black Kathy Van Leeland purse that was surprisingly understated (for her) in its amount of bling. I picked up some black and transparent rainbow faceted beads at Michael’s that day that I made into some additional bling for my new purse. I must have my bling! I’ve never before seen beads like these with an iridescent rainbow stripe around their middle.

What do you think? Have I come up with a potential new product? What should I call it? A Purse Dangle? A Blingy Thingy?

Purse Dangle

Dangle adds bling to understated Kathy Van Leeland purse.

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