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Four UTEEite Pendant Necklaces

Teal Snowflake Necklace

This UTEEite teal snowflake pendant may also be worn as a pin.

Four new necklaces containing some of my recently created UTEEite embellishments as pendants are now available for purchase on my website. I wore a couple of them to recent local events and got so many compliments I was tempted to keep them myself, but I decided to let you have the chance to make one or more of them your own.

Green Butterfly Necklace

This butterfly pendant was made in a mold with two UTEE pours.

Two of the necklaces feature pendants made using a silicone butterfly mold instead of the cookie cutters I’ve been using for other UTEEite embellishments. I experimented with pouring molten transparent UTEE into the high-relief butterfly portion of the mold, and then, before that cooled and hardened, I added swirled opaque colored UTEE around the edges of the butterfly until the mold was full. This technique allowed portions of the butterflies to have transparent UTEE in them from front to back. This makes the back side of the pendants quite interesting and also allows the color of the clothing worn behind the pendant to affect the butterfly’s color.

What do you think of this technique and these four new necklaces? I have lots of UTEEite embellishments waiting to be made into various creations, so watch for more coming soon!

The gold area on the smooth back side of the pendant reveals portions of the butterfly in relief.

Gold portion of the pendant's back side is transparent, revealing the butterfly's wings.

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