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19 New Stained Glass Pillboxes

New Pillboxes

These 19 new pillboxes have been added to inventory on my website.

I recently created 19 new decorative stained glass pillboxes and posted them on my website. I incorporated many of the UTEEite embellishments I mentioned in this blog as earlier creations. Some of these pill boxes are also adorned with beautiful iridescent dichroic glass gems. One box even has a glittery glass coral snake on it!

Bottom of Butterfly Pillbox

Flip each multi-dose box over for use. This is the bottom of the butterfly pillbox, showing an inset iridescent glass butterfly "surprise."

I deliberately focused on creating readymade multi-dose pillboxes in sizes, configurations, and types that were not fully represented on my website. Several are also single-dose pillboxes suitable for travel or your purse. Simply flip these gorgeous boxes over to access your pills.

Please check these out and let me know what you think of them! Advance to page two of the readymade pillboxes on my website to see the last new box. Be quick, if you want any of these, as I think they will sell quickly.

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