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7 New Pillboxes and More

7 New Pillboxes

I recently created a batch of seven new pillboxes, pictured above. Several have dichroic glass and/or UTEEite embellishments. These pillboxes were listed today on my website for purchase.

A customer recently ordered five custom 1-dose pillboxes for use as solid perfume containers. I prepared nine 1-dose boxes, unglued, for her to choose from, as shown in the picture below.

Custom Pillbox Options

She chose the brown, purple, red, light blue, and yellow boxes. I reconfigured the remaining boxes (except for the dark blue one) with different embellishments and posted them on my website as pictured in the first picture in this post.

This is the typical way I prepare custom pillbox orders, providing a variety of designs for the customer to choose from before gluing things together. Please keep me in mind for custom pillboxes, as these can be completed in just a few days.

If you see someone using an ugly multi-day pillbox, take a look at their decor and color preferences. Then order them a same size and configuration readymade pillbox or custom pillbox from my website and give it to them as a gift so they will enjoy seeing their pillbox and can thus keep it handy on their counter top.

Let me know what you think of my new creations!

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