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10 New Pillboxes

10 New Pillboxes

10 new pillboxes added to my website

Today I added 10 new stained glass multi-dose pillboxes to my website. There were 11 in this batch, but I sold the one below to a friend before I could post it on my website.

Blue Brooch Pillbox

Blue Brooch Pillbox--Sold!

I also created this custom large septagon pillbox for a New Jersey customer last week. I gave her over 40 possible embellishment arrangements to choose from, and this is the great one she picked. I do enjoy playing with all the embellishment possibilities and taking pictures of them before everything gets glued together.

Custom pillbox for a recent customer

Custom pillbox for a recent customer

It’s especially cool the way the little red butterfly I embedded in the well on the bottom side of the pillbox shows through the glass when you hold it up to the light. The “phantom butterfly” fits right into the design. Don’t you love it?

Custom Pillbox

The phantom fourth butterfly

Please keep me in mind for your custom pillbox needs. I can put one together for you in just a few days. They make great gifts, too!

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