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Three new sets of Anglican Prayer Beads

I completed three new sets of Anglican Prayer Beads today and posted them for sale on my website.

The green set has grey quartz Week beads and Ching Hai Jade donut-shaped Cruciform beads. I love the way the quartz beads feel in hand, especially when rolling in the center of the jade donuts.

The Week beads on the black set are faceted jet with copper coating on the ends of each bead. When you hold the non-flat glass heart in hand, it takes on the copper color of the set’s Week beads.

Creamy white shells are embedded in the clear aqua resin of the blue set’s Week beads. The set’s Cruciform beads have foil centers and glittery inclusions.

I get so excited picking out the bead and pendant combinations and making my Prayer Beads , that I do feel they are God inspired. Snap up your set today!

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