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New Techniques on 17 Super Blingy Pillboxes

New Enameled Pillboxes

I recently created and uploaded to my website and shop  17 new “super blingy” pillboxes. Bling is my thing–Yes! Most of these have enameled glass tops using new colors of Pebeo Fantasy enamels that my husband gave me for my recent birthday.

I tried something new on some of these by adding glitter and sequin stars to the clear jewelry quality resin layer that I add to pillbox tops that need more durability. I rummaged through my supplies and found fine gold and silver glitter that worked beautifully. As I was working with the designs, I thought that using other colors of glitter would have been fun to try. Shortly after I finished this batch of boxes, I discovered over two dozen bottles of fine glitter in a variety of colors stashed in a spot I hadn’t noticed when I was looking for glitter. ;o} I’ll definitely be incorporating these into some of my resined enamel pillbox tops in the future!

Glittery Purple Pillbox

Large 14-day double pillbox with two layers of glittery netting and a dichroic glass cabochon.

Bling Swirl Pillbox

Bling Swirl Green Large 14-dose Pillbox

Another new technique represented in this batch of pillboxes is the addition of layers of glittered netting into the design. I’ve submerged these into the resin and/or glue layers of the pillbox tops to create a variety of effects. For example, on the pill box at right, white netting with a glittered scroll design has been embedded in the resin layer on a white stained glass top. On the pill box above, the same type of netting has been inserted between the base boxes and the clear glass pillbox top. Then a sequined purple netting has been added on top of the glass, embedded in resin. An iridescent dichroic glass cabochon has been glued to the surface of the resin layer for even more bling.

Regarding dichroic glass cabochons, I luckily recently acquired a huge batch of cast-off dichroic glass cabochons from a talented glass artisan. (Watch for more about this artist in a future post!) I’ve incorporated some of these cabochons into this batch of pill boxes, and I’ll be using the cabochons in many of my future creations. Here’s a picture of these delightful dichroic glass acquisitions, so you can imagine what glories are to come!

Dichroic Glass Cabochons

Recently acquired dichroic glass cabochons.

Also represented in this batch of pill boxes are matching enameled glass cabochons that I created while I was enameling the pillbox tops for this batch. The example below shows not only one of these cabochons, but also the glitter I’ve embedded in the clear resin layer.

Enameled cabochon and glitter

Dazzling Enamel Eye 4-dose Rectangular Pillbox

Another blingy feature used on several of the pillboxes in this batch is iridescent stained glass. I was able to cut four box tops out of a spectacular piece of red stained glass (generously donated by a glass artist friend) that has a rainbow-hued iridescent coating. Two of these tops were merely glazed with resin as a protectant, but I added glittery netting to the resin layers on the other two.

Neeted Dichro Heart Pillbox

Netted Dichro Heart Bezel Medium 14-dose Pillbox

One of the latter, shown above, is perhaps the most blingy of all the 17 pillboxes  in this batch. It features a studded antiqued goldtone metal heart bezel containing clear resin embedded with glitter, colorful sequined stars, mirrored glass strips and a multi-colored dichroic glass cabochon. Purple sequined netting is embedded in clear resin on the  iridescent red glass box top. This pillbox is outrageously dazzling in hand and almost too pretty to part with, so it may be snapped up quickly. If it is still available, you can find it here.

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