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Elko Centennial Cowboy Boot Now in Place at Great Basin College

GBC Boot

After over two month’s work, the Elko Nevada Centennial cowboy boot I created for Great Basin College (GBC) is now in its final resting place on the college’s campus.  This boot is one of several similar six-foot-high boots placed around Elko by sponsoring businesses and painted in various styles by local artists. The campaign is part of the city’s centennial celebration this year.

GBC Boot

I’ve heard a rumor that sponsors have been found for all of the city’s initial order of 26 boots, and that the city is placing an order for more such boots to meet local demand. The new order will not be available for artists to paint until next spring, however.

GBC Boot

I am grateful to GBC President Mark Curtis for asking me to complete this project for GBC. Credit also goes to Dr. Curtis for the photos included in this post. I especially appreciated his contributions and help throughout the creation process, and his arrangements for placement of the boot in such a prominent location on campus. I hope it will be a meaningful landmark there for many years to come.

For more information about the development of this boot, see my earlier blog posts about stage 1, stage 2, and stage 3 of the project.

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