Four New Protestant Prayer Beads

4 New Prayer Beads

I recently created the above four sets of Protestant (Anglican) Prayer Beads and am now offering them for sale on my website. The first three are long enough to also be worn as necklaces. The two on the right feature dyed agate pendants, and the one on the right also has dyed green agate Swiss cross Cruciform beads.

Each set is $32.00 plus $7.00 (U.S.) shipping and includes a velour storage bag and 16-page full color booklet by me containing the history and use of Anglican Prayer Beads and sample prayers.

I’ve laid in a new supply of beads and pendants lately, so watch for more prayer bead creations to be made soon!

19 New Earrings

151120 19 Earrings-A 151120 New Earrings

In preparation for the recent Christmas shopping season, I created the above 19 sets of new earrings and posted them for sale on my website. Some have already been sold, but the rest are still available with prices from $8-$12. Ear wires are either stainless steel or gold-plated.

I especially loved making the Black Doggie earrings pictured below. Each pup has a beaded “leash.”

151120 Back Doggie Earrings

Aurora Glass Tile Shirt-Collar Necklaces

Large Glass Tile Collar

Dior NecklaceThe intriguing coral-colored collar necklace in the recent Dior ad shown at left  inspired me to find out more about it and its price. I learned that the “Dioring the Jungle” necklace is plastron in metal and lacquer, and it sells for $1,550.00.  I was amazed, but undaunted.

I set out to create necklaces in a similar style. I eschewed  Dior’s flimsy one-note plastic design in favor of beautiful aurora iridescent glass tiles with both smooth and bumpy textures. I believe the resultant necklaces are much prettier and more versatile than the Dior versions, as they are made of real glass and may be worn with a variety of colors.

I created these necklaces in two sizes, large and small, to accommodate various body sizes and desires for dramatic effect. The large one is shown above, and the small one is shown below. Each tile collar is suspended on matching iridized glass beads with an adjustable chain-and-lobster-claw clasp to conform to a variety of clothing necklines. A faceted rainbow-hued glass bead joins the two collar-like panels of each necklace.

Although these necklaces may look heavy, they are actually very comfortable to wear and drape beautifully, due to their flexible construction. They definitely inspire envious attention and rapturous comments.

Perhaps the best thing about my collar necklace creations is that they are far more affordable than the Dior versions. The large Aurora Collar Necklace sells for only $65.00, and the small Aurora Collar Necklace sells for only $60.00. Both are currently available on my website, but if they have been snapped up before you get there, and you want one, let me know. I would be delighted to create a similar custom collar necklace for you. Color options for the glass tiles are practically limitless.

150920 Tile Collar Small-2

Enameled Cabochon Pendants

Golden Cream Enamel Pendant
Golden Cream Enamel Pendant

I have been so enamored of Pebeo’s new Fantasy Prisme and Moon enamels, that I’ve experimented with using them on clear glass cabochons for use on pillbox tops and necklaces. My first thought was that the beautiful patterns that these enamels make would be visible through the cabochon glass if I just painted the enamel on the back of the cabochon. Much to my surprise, the beautiful pattern only rose to the surface of the enameled back of the cabochon; the design that showed through the magnifying cabochon only reflected where the enamel colors first touched the clear glass. For example, the view below is what appeared through the cabochon above on which I had painted the enamel.

Back side of pendant
Back side of pendant

Therefore, to make the “prettier” side of the enamel visible, I had to glue another clear glass cabochon to the back of the enameled cabochon. Then magic took place. The glue interacted with the enamel and formed the ripples or ridges in the enamel pattern, making it even more lovely!

Pendant suspended from scarf
Pendant suspended from scarf

Then I experimented with adding faceted crystal beads on the wire surrounding a similar pendant and using matching marble beads to form the necklace.

Beaded enamel pendant
Beaded enamel pendant

I have since created a few more such pendants with scarf connectors like the ones shown here and offered them for sale on my website. You can find most of these pendants here.

What do you think of these enameled cabochon pendants? Should I make more of them? Which connector type do you like best and/or do you think will be most saleable? Should I attempt to find matching scarves to sell with these pendants?

Elko Art Walk Participation 5/11/13

Jewelry Display Rack
Some of the jewelry I’ll be selling at the Art Walk

I’ll again be participating in the Elko, Nevada, Downtown Business Association’s Art Walk from 3-6 p.m. Saturday, May. 11, 2013. I’ll be at the Western Folklife Center demonstrating my beaded jewelry making techniques. Other local artists will be working on and selling their creations at various downtown businesses during this event, so it will be fun and interesting to attend.

At last year’s Art Walk, I did an encaustic painting demo at Mismash ‘N’ Muddle. This year, I will be making and selling my beaded earrings, though I also will have available some of my beautiful turquoise and ceramic beaded horse head necklaces shown above. Most of my earrings are reasonably priced at $8-$12/pair.

I will be bringing a large selection of glass beads to work with that day, so I will be able to quickly make sets of earrings for you while you wait and watch. You choose the beads, and presto! I turn them into earrings with sterling silver or gold-plated ear wires or clip-on fasteners, your choice.

If you’ve ever wanted to have a pair of earrings to match a certain outfit, bring or wear the outfit to the event, and I’ll make earrings to match.

The jewelry that I usually have on sale at the Elko Chamber of Commerce Gift Shop will be available for purchase at my table, plus any other earrings I make during the event.

Hope to see you there, but if you miss it, remember that you always can find my jewelry at the Chamber Gift Shop or on my website.

Jewelry Now at Elko Chamber of Commerce

Jewelry Display Rack
Jewelry display placed at the Chamber.

On March 8, I placed in the Elko, Nevada, Chamber of Commerce Gift Shop seven new porcelain and real turquoise necklaces and 24 pair of earrings that were previously on my website. To achieve this, I purchased a revolving jewelry display rack and had hang tags custom made with my 4-color logo on them for my earrings and other jewelry.

The whole display rack looks very professional, and I’m excited to see how well my jewelry sells via this outlet. I have had my artwork prints, note cards, sage brush lapel pins, and magnets for sale there for several years, as I am a Chamber member. I also have a nifty business web page on the Chamber’s website that I encourage you to check out.

I recently fell in love with some glazed porcelain horse head beads, so I purchased several plus a variety of matching components and real turquoise beads so I could create several necklaces in this theme. I have not run out of these materials yet, so watch for more necklaces to be added to this collection.

Porcelain and turquoise necklaces
Porcelain and turquoise necklaces

I also took to the Chamber almost all my website’s earrings that had gold-plated ear wires. The earrings placed at the Chamber are no longer available on my website, so I definitely want to make more earrings soon to replenish my website’s earring collection.

Please leave a comment to let me know how you like my new jewelry display and this new collection of heart and horsey necklaces. I hope you also will stop by the Chamber gift shop and/or my website to take a closer look!


New Jewelry Galore

Rainbow Tooth Necklace

I’ve been on a beading spree lately, creating 7 new necklaces and 5 new pair of earrings. These have all been posted for sale on my website, though I’m loathe to part with some of them, they are so lovely.

Two of the necklaces I made using Wonderstone (Rhyolite) that I found in the Elko, NV, area. Instead of polishing the stone faces that feature Wonderstone’s concentric circles, which requires special equipment, I chose to coat them with clear resin. This gives the stones’ focal points a shiny surface that enhances the design, yet allows it to contrast with the stone’s natural surfaces.

Wonderstone Slab Necklace
Wonderstone Slab Necklace

I also created my first three-strand necklace, featuring antiqued chain segments and iridescent butterflies.

Triple Butterfly Necklace
Triple Butterfly Necklace

I’ve also experimented with new components in my newly created earrings.  These include using transparent glass macaroni noodles, glass-fringed filigreed heart components, and beaded baubles. Two of the new sets of earrings match the new necklaces I made.

Aqua Fringed Heart Earrings
Aqua Fringed Heart Earrings

You can see all these new creations in the Jewelry Gallery on my website where they are available for purchase. If you’re a local customer, I’ll be happy to reimburse you for my website’s shipping charges if you arrange for pickup of your purchases at my studio in Lamoille, NV, by contacting me.

I’d be pleased if you’d post a comment as to how you like these new pieces and/or what types of jewelry you’d like me to make more of.

Teal Wave Hoop Earrings

Teal Wave Hoop Earrings
Refracting strong sunlight, this is one of three similar pairs of UTEEite earrings available.

I was convinced I could somehow form molten UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) into transparent teal waves inside 1.5″ hoop earrings. Four hours later, I had produced three sets of similar earrings, two for pierced ears, and one with adjustable clip-on attachments. The trial-and-error process wasn’t easy, but I’m delighted with the results.

At first, I thought I could just dip the hoops into molten UTEE in my Melting Pot. No such luck. It only coated the wire. When I tried letting that cool and building up layers of UTEEite by redipping, I ended up with a log-shaped lump of UTEEite on the bottom of the hoop. No wave! I remelted that effort and started over.

I next poured molten UTEEite into the hoops as they were laying flat on a teflon heatproof mat. Excess UTEEite was cut from the outside of the hoop with a scissors. If the “wave” did not look like a wave, its shape was adjusted with the paddle attachment on my hot wax stylist tool. Some waves had to be remelted and reshaped using a hot air gun.

The UTEEite gradually changed color during the 4-hour heating process. Therefore, each pair of earrings is a slightly different color blue, as I worked on one pair at a time.

As you can see in the picture above, the sunlight shining through these earrings produces some lovely patterns, much like the patterns created when sunlight shines through water. Just as no two waves are alike, don’t expect any of these hand created treasures to be identical! 

These would make terrific holiday gifts, so be quick to snap them up on my website. While you’re there, check out my other creations with gift giving in mind. Don’t forget to include yourself on that gift list! ;o}

Would you like me to create more hoop earrings similar to these, perhaps in different colors? If so, what color(s) would you prefer I try next?

Half Dozen New Earrings and a Kilt Pin

Six new Millefiori earrings
Six new Millefiori earrings

My stash of beautiful Millefiori flowered glass beads called to me last week, inspiring me to create a half dozen pair of earrings, including a pair of clip-on earrings.

Patriotic Kilt Pin
Patriotic Kilt Pin

I posted them on my website today.

I also created a unique silver-plated kilt pin with three dangles of patriotic Millefiori beads. No, you do not have to wear it on a kilt! It will look just lovely on your jean jacket or purse.

Have a look and let me know what you think. Should I make more kilt pins? More clip-on earrings?

UTEEite Pendant Necklaces

Rock the Leaf Necklace
Rock the Leaf Necklace with UTEEite pendant

I recently turned two of my UTEEite components into pendants and incorporated them into two new necklaces. The UTEEite colors in these pendants are swirled purple, silver, pearl, gold, and clear.

Rock the Leaf Pendant
Closer view of Rock the Leaf Pendant

A leaf-shaped pendant inspired a necklace containing polished gemstone nuggets and picture jasper beads, emphasizing the natural tones.

Purple Heart Pendant
Purple Heart UTEEite Pendant

A whimsical heart-shaped pendant begged me to highlight the purple in the UTEEite and combine purple glass beads with brown faceted cat’s eye beads and gold plated spacer beads. As a purple lover, this is my fave! I also adore faceted cat’s eye beads, which I’m seeking out for future jewelry components.

Check out these two UTEEite necklaces on my website.

Which do you like best?