Flaming Blue Moon Weekly Pill Organizer

Flaming Blue Moon Pillbox

I recently received a custom order for an enameled and resined mirrored 7-dose rectangular pillbox, so I made up two for the customer to choose from. The enamel paints are so difficult to control, that this is my typical practice for this type of custom pillbox order. The customer was very happy with her choice, so I’ve added the second Flaming Blue Moon pillbox to my readymade pillbox inventory on my website. Note the beautiful dichroic glass cabochon and the mirrored background peeking out on the corners of this box for bits of extra bling. See the picture below for the configuration of the pill compartments on the underside of this beautiful box.

Transparent Orange 7-dose

10 New Pillboxes

10 New Pillboxes
10 new pillboxes added to my website

Today I added 10 new stained glass multi-dose pillboxes to my website. There were 11 in this batch, but I sold the one below to a friend before I could post it on my website.

Blue Brooch Pillbox
Blue Brooch Pillbox--Sold!

I also created this custom large septagon pillbox for a New Jersey customer last week. I gave her over 40 possible embellishment arrangements to choose from, and this is the great one she picked. I do enjoy playing with all the embellishment possibilities and taking pictures of them before everything gets glued together.

Custom pillbox for a recent customer
Custom pillbox for a recent customer

It’s especially cool the way the little red butterfly I embedded in the well on the bottom side of the pillbox shows through the glass when you hold it up to the light. The “phantom butterfly” fits right into the design. Don’t you love it?

Custom Pillbox
The phantom fourth butterfly

Please keep me in mind for your custom pillbox needs. I can put one together for you in just a few days. They make great gifts, too!

7 New Pillboxes and More

7 New Pillboxes

I recently created a batch of seven new pillboxes, pictured above. Several have dichroic glass and/or UTEEite embellishments. These pillboxes were listed today on my website for purchase.

A customer recently ordered five custom 1-dose pillboxes for use as solid perfume containers. I prepared nine 1-dose boxes, unglued, for her to choose from, as shown in the picture below.

Custom Pillbox Options

She chose the brown, purple, red, light blue, and yellow boxes. I reconfigured the remaining boxes (except for the dark blue one) with different embellishments and posted them on my website as pictured in the first picture in this post.

This is the typical way I prepare custom pillbox orders, providing a variety of designs for the customer to choose from before gluing things together. Please keep me in mind for custom pillboxes, as these can be completed in just a few days.

If you see someone using an ugly multi-day pillbox, take a look at their decor and color preferences. Then order them a same size and configuration readymade pillbox or custom pillbox from my website and give it to them as a gift so they will enjoy seeing their pillbox and can thus keep it handy on their counter top.

Let me know what you think of my new creations!

Cross Saddle Dangle

Cross Saddle Dangle
SteedBeads Cross Saddle Dangle


A great SteedBeads Mane Dangle customer from Missouri was looking for a cross Saddle Dangle for her show saddle. She had seen some advertised made out of leather with crystal rhinestones on them in various colors. I researched those and saw that most sold for around $30.00, which to me seemed exorbitant, given they looked unlikely to hold up under typical horseback riding conditions.

I decided I could make a much prettier cross Saddle Dangle that is more durable saddle bling. I created a Saddle Dangle similar to the one in the picture above, and my customer was thrilled. After sending it off to her, I made the one pictured above and posted it for sale on my website–at half the price of the leather alternative. Construction details are on the product listing. What do you think of it?

I can make similar ones in different colors on a custom basis, using any of the pendants for my SteedBeads product line. If this interests you, please contact me.

Custom pill box finds a great home

A closer look at Phyllis Klym's custom pillbox.
Phyllis Klym's custom "Little Bird" pillbox.

When Phyllis Klym, a dental hygienist from Madisonville, Kentucky, placed a recent order for a black and white custom 7-day pillbox for her pills and vitamins, I emailed her pictures of over a dozen options to choose from for embellishments on a basic white box. The design she chose featured a tiny black bird surrounded by black leaves and black and dotted clear glass gems.

“Although I have worked for the same dentist for 28 years,” said Phyllis, “I also have an undergraduate degree in French.  I have taught and tutored French part time for years.  I’m completely fluent in French.  I have all kinds of ‘French touches’ in our home, so that’s why I suggested the black, white . . . and simple design (sounds like Chanel?) for my pillbox. When it arrives, I will ‘medicate’ with class . . . or should I say glass!”

Phyllis was kind to send me pictures of her “Little Bird” box in its new nest. Her photography was superb, so I wanted to share these beautiful pictures with you. Phyllis loves her custom pill box, and I greatly enjoyed working with her to create it.

Little Bird Pill Box
Phyllis Klym's custom pillbox in its new nest.