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SteedBeads Saddle Dangles are double strands of beads and bells that may be attached to a horse's saddle for bling and jingle.


SteedBeads™ Saddle Dangles are typically purchased in pairs, one for each side of the saddle, to add bling and jingle to your ride. They are often coordinated in color and design to match a set of SteedBeads and/or Mane Dangles. They may be purchased either separately, by ordering this product, or purchased as an additional option when buying a set of SteedBeads.


After purchasing one or more Saddle Dangles, send an email to with your bell and bead color choices. You will be emailed pictures of the completed design before the ends are finished off. Once you have approved the final design, your Saddle Dangle(s) will be shipped to you via USPS Priority Mail.

Each Saddle Dangle has two bead strands that typically terminate in a bell. The beads are suspended from an integral clip that may be used alone or in combination with the 24mm round gold- or nickel-plated steel split ring provided to attach the Saddle Dangle to your saddle. The clip may be attached to either the split ring or a saddle's D-ring. The split ring may be attached to your saddle by tying it to a saddle strap, fastening it to a buckle, or using any other method you choose. Saddle Dangles are usually 6" in length, not counting the ring, which adds another inch.

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