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Serenity Amber Dangles Rhythm Beads



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These aqua, yellow and olive green SteedBeads rhythm beads for horses are perfect for serenity and empowerment.


These SteedBeads rhythm beads for horses are perfect for serenity and empowerment. They feature two almost 2" long diamond-shaped faceted transparent amber dangles that will drape across your horse's chest and flank the round pewter heart-shaped pendant that has "Serenity Courage Wisdom" embossed on it. Two pewter oblong tags are positioned further out on the horse's chest saying "feel good" and "let go," respectively. Other components include six chrome plated brass temple bells along the shoulders, embossed silvertone plastic beads, and solid and transparent amber, aqua, yellow and olive green pony beads. At 50", this set of SteedBeads will fit a slightly larger than average size horse, but the length may be shortened with the moveable adjustment clip.


See the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page for rhythm beads' appropriate size and fit. Rhythm beads' length may be reduced somewhat using the provided adjustment clip, but they may not be lengthened.


SteedBeads rhythm beads are beautiful and purposeful jingling necklaces for horses. See the "more" option on the SteedBeads rhythm beads category page for details regarding rhythm beads' many benefits and why they are so much better than competitors' products. .


You may also add matching SteedBeads Mane Dangles and/or Saddle Dangles to your order. Adjust the quantities of these once they are  in your shopping cart

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