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Trixi and I love her mane beads!! They jingle as we ride along on the trails, providing a mesmerizing, relaxing sound to ride by and keep her focused on the trail and not other noises that might be distracting, not to mention how beautiful she looks in them!! Kristi Lyn did a lovely job of making our beads. So happy we found her!! --Thanks so much!!
Sandy McGuire - West Edmeston, NY
I've been wanting to get a set of SteedBeads for a long time and finally took the plunge. I am so glad I did! They are beautiful! The process was easy as can be. I really love the breakaway safety feature and the thoughtful design that in the event they do break, the beads remain strung and clipped to the mane. Thanks, Kristi. Farrah, my Quarter horse, and I give the SteedBeads a thumbs (and hoofs) up!
Amy Montenegro - Bartow, Florida
They're perfect--fabulous--just what I wanted! Can't wait to try 'em out. Here is a picture of Lars looking very handsome in his beads--a perfect fit, I think! Before I rode him with the beads on, I trotted him around the driveway, and he seemed to like them. When I tried riding with the beads, it went very well. Took him out on the trail and at all gaits in the arena. The beads really helped me to know when to start with the half-halts! Thanks so much for your fine work.
Susan Gammill - Spring Creek, Nevada
I will send business your way. You keep on making beauty--we need it in this ol' world.
Carol Chapman Allen - Paradise, Texas
The SteedBeads are FANTABULOUS!!!
Aviva Beach and Cassie - Yakima, Washington
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