My artwork is complex, and it usually needs to tell a story,” says Lamoille, Nevada, artist, Kristi Lyn Glass. “I love things that sparkle and glow with vibrant color.”

Glass was an active artist in St. Paul, Minnesota, before moving to NE Nevada in 1996. Her works have appeared and sold in many gallery shows and art fairs.

Glass’ artwork often captures the awesome beauty of Nevada’s scenery. It also frequently incorporates her love of the ocean, and mountain horseback riding.

“I am always pushing my creative envelope, exploring and often mixing a variety of media, including watercolor, stained glass, enamels, encaustics, resin, and digital art,” Glass shares.

“In addition to producing amazing fine art, I feel compelled to invent and create products that are practical yet bring joy and beauty into everyday life,” the artist adds.

This is evidenced by her artisan jewelry and other unique products, such as SteedBeads™ rhythm beads (jingling necklaces for real and model horses), Protestant prayer beads, and embellished stained glass multi-day pill organizers and UnderCover secret storage cubes. She markets her creations primarily on this website, but also locally and on