Kristi Lyn Glass’ 32-dose rectangular pillboxes have embellished decorative stained glass tops glued to a plastic base box. Turn the box over to access its 32 individual compartments arranged in two rows. The individual transparent compartment lids are labeled with the days of the week, four compartments for each day (MORN 7-9 AM, NOON 11-1 PM, EVE 4-6 PM, and BED 9-11 PM). There are four EXTRA compartments for unscheduled medications such as aspirin or allergy pills Each compartment holds 24 aspirin tablets and is .625 x 1.25 x 1 inch deep (inside measurements). Externally, the box measures 11.062 x 3.375 inches. The pill box’s height will vary according to its embellishments. This pill box could also be used for a month’s daily doses with a few EXTRA compartments left over. It could also be used as a terrific jewelry cases. The design of Kristi Lyn Glass’ pill organizers is a PROTECTED DESIGN 2002. Click on any product picture to view details.