SteedBeads™ Rhythm Beads (jingling necklaces for horses) are beautiful and functional horse training aids. Purchase readymade SteedBeads products or order a personalized set so you may specify the length, bead colors, bells, and pendant you prefer on your rhythm beads. Mane and Saddle Dangles are also available for a touch of extra bling and jingle. SteedBeads Rhythm Beads are even available for your model horses!

Besides looking gorgeous, the bells’ soothing jingle may:

  Help your horse relax and be less spooky on the trail.
•  Encourage your horse to run faster on speed events, such as barrel racing.
  Warn wild animals (and hunters) that you’re coming so they may get out of your way (and not shoot you).
  Help you and your horse achieve and maintain a steady pace at whatever gait you choose.
  Help young horses and riders develop confidence.

The use of rhythm beads has gained popularity and enthusiastic endorsement from endurance, dressage, trail, and barrel racing riders and horse trainers. Whether you ride English or Western, or use traditional or natural horsemanship or resistance-free horse training methods, rhythm beads can enhance your riding and/or training experience. Riders in speed events, such as barrel racing, claim using rhythm beads takes a second or two off their times!

SteedBeads products are handmade by Nevada artist and life-long horse owner Kristi Lyn Glass, who has an artistic eye for beautiful and highly functional jewelry design. She has been creating and use-testing her SteedBeads products since 1995.

Why are SteedBeads better than competitors’ products?

 Length, bead types/colors, bell type, and pendant type may be customized to meet your specific needs and tastes.
Ordered size may be shortened for precise fit with a unique adjustment device.
 Unique construction and replaceable breakaway fuse helps avoids injury to your horse and loss of necklace and individual components if the rhythm beads should accidentally catch on something.
 Sturdy clip keeps SteedBeads centered and in position, rather than falling off or sliding to the horse’s ears when the neck is lowered, where the horse could chew or step on them.
Strong (500 lb. test) synthetic stringing cord is not an animal product; it will not twist, stretch, or tangle, like fishing line, or dry out, crack, or break easily, like leather.