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Custom Pillboxes

Kristi offers a wide variety of pill organizer sizes and configurations that she will custom decorate in your favorite style and colors.

Custom UnderCovers

Let Kristi design a beautiful UnderCover secret storage cube to discreetly keep special things handy but out of sight.

Custom SteedBeads

Kristi can make SteedBeads™ Rhythm Beads (jingling necklaces) or Saddle/Mane Dangles to perfectly fit your horse.

Custom Whatever!

Whether you want custom jewelry, prayer beads, artwork, magnets, or something else, contact Kristi to describe your creative needs.

You’re in great company


Misty is 31 years young and she loves her Steed Bead rhythm necklace.  I have finally retired her from carrying me for 25 years. Now it's time for her just to relax and enjoy her retirement. I know Misty would not enjoy being fully retired and just being put out to pasture. She loves to be with me, so I bought her this lovely rhythm necklace so that I can safely walk her in hand on the trails along with my neighbors and their dogs.  Thank you so much for creating an amazing design and a beautiful creation.
― Nancy Antes Port Matilda, PA
I love my beautiful butterfly Anglican Prayer Beads so much! As soon as I saw them, I knew they were for me. I had them with me in my hospital room. I felt so calm, strong, grateful. Thank you!
― Phyllis Harris Santa Monica, CA
I am very much over the moon with the prayer bead necklaces; I can pray and share my faith with art. I love my new prayer beads. They are so beautiful and meaningful to me. Thank you so very much.
― Diane Panaro
I used my prayer beads last night and something wonderful happened... Now my beads feel like an even stronger faith point of contact for me. They allowed me to focus on Christ and forget the cares of this world. I invited Him and the Holy Spirit and they showed up in a mighty, but most gentle way.
― Shawn Reston VA
Thank you for the prayer bead order for my daughter, and may you be richly blessed. I look forward to another opportunity soon to bless someone else with one of your creations. Your work is divinely inspired.
― Lynda A Reston VA
I love your artwork! I love everything!!!!!! Thank you so much for all the time you took to make my custom pillboxes. They are just perfect. The next time I need a gift, I will hit your website first.
― Elizabeth Spears Decatur, TN
OMG I love my custom pillbox!!!!  Thank you so much!!!!  Your work is beautiful.  I’m glad I found your site on the internet.
― Beverly Lazzaro Waldwick, NJ
I just love your things and especially the UnderCovers. I want one. They are all so beautiful. Seems like they would be great for hiding lots of different treasures.
― Marsha Martin Montello, NV
I received today my order for Red Jasper Anglican Prayer Beads, and I wanted you to know I was blown away by how beautiful they are! I love how simple the design is and the smooth feeling of the beads in my hand as I pray.
― Stephanie Gnewuch College Park, MD
I would like to personally thank you for your absolutely beautiful work and the amazing booklet that accompanied my prayer bead purchase. A friend saw them and was completely enchanted.
― Kerry Sherrard
We used our SteedBeads rhythm bead necklaces at the Fjords & Friends Fun Fest this past week in Blowing Rock, NC. Folks came from up and down the east coast to attend. They loved the beads. I have just sent them your contact information. You may be receiving more orders from that group.
― Lee Hardin Spruce Pine, NC
The Anglican Prayer Bead Booklet is one of the best instruction resources I have ever seen. I am anxious to share it with my parish. We are exploring ways to more deeply practice Sabbath, and the beads will go a long way in helping me instruct others on the benefits of contemplative prayer.
― Rev. Cynthia D. Pape Boston, MA
I'm so happy with my prayer beads.  They are even more beautiful in person...a pleasure to hold, and they are bringing a new dimension and focus to my prayer time. Everything on your website is very beautiful, and I'll keep you in mind for future gifts
― Janet Michak Winter Springs, FL
The necklace is stunning! Even prettier in person. I like everything about it!
― Rosalie Peters Caldwell, TX
The SteedBeads are FANTABULOUS!!!
― Aviva Beach and Cassie
Coco and I are now styling down the trail with the jewelry made by Kristi Lyn Glass. I commissioned a custom brow band to match her beautiful purple dangles SteedBeads.
― Vicky Miller
Linkatariat, a retired race horse and grandson of Secretariat, is modeling his new beads which look beautiful with his dark coat. The beads are more substantial than expected, and Link feels special.
― Cindy L. Smith
My Canadian horse, Patches, sports his custom SteedBeads. The quality and creativity of the beads is far superior to any others I've seen.
― Laurie B.
My mule, Abby, looks stunning and loves the bells. I'm sure I'll probably need another set of SteedBeads farther down the road.
― Suzanne Belt
I've been riding my Kentucky Mountain Pleasure Horse, Rumor Has It, since 2005 when I was four years old! The SteedBeads are really cool, and they seem to calm my horse down when we are trail riding. They make my horse really pretty, too!
― Emma
In the picture, I'm holding Gangster and Cash wearing their custom SteedBeads. My mother and I are so happy with these beautiful beads! We rode together yesterday and really enjoyed the 'music.'
― Tyson Doucette
My Pinto, Hollywood, is shown wearing a unique set of purple scalloped SteedBeads rhythm beads. Thank you so much. The beads are beautiful!
― Brett-Rae Glotzer
I will send business your way. You keep on making beauty--we need it in this ol' world.
― Carol Chapman Allen
Bee just loves her SteedBeads. She even rolled with them, funny mare. Don't worry. They are all ok. 🙂
― Liz Grace
Gidget, my Tennessee Walking Horse mare, shows off her custom black, gray, and white SteedBeads Mane Dangles. When they arrived, OMG!!!! I almost cried!!!! You are Soooo amazing, wow!!!
― Carey Stubblefield
I've wanted to run Pedro over a nearby bumpy field for the past 10 years, but I've been afraid to. When I rode Pedro with his SteedBeads on for the first time, it was magical. We were brave!
― Heather DeLong
I got the "Grey Ghost" SteedBeads you made for me and my horse Feivel. I LOVE them!!!! I tried them out, and they're great! They did seem to calm him, too. Thanks SO much for making them so quickly!! I'm VERY happy and eager to recommend your SteedBeads to friends.
― Andrea M. Buckland
I love my SteedBeads, and I think my horse Gracie likes them, too. They look awesome on her!
― Yvonne Marshall
The SteedBeads are gorgeous! We love them! Here is a picture of the Divine Ms. Angel wearing her SteedBeads. I'm a satisfied customer!
― Jen Chapman
I got the "Grey Ghost" SteedBeads you made for me and my horse Feivel. I LOVE them!!!! Beautiful! I tried them out, and they're great...banged on his shoulders nicely! So they'll be awesome in my main riding times in the summer!! I'll still sport them year-round, though. They did seem to calm him.
― Andrea M. Buckland
They're perfect--fabulous--just what I wanted! Can't wait to try 'em out. Here is a picture of Lars looking very handsome in his beads--a perfect fit, I think!
― Susan Gammill
I wanted to get some SteedBeads for Farrah for a long time and finally took the plunge. I am so glad I did! They are beautiful! I love the breakaway safety feature.
― Amy Montenegro
The SteedBeads are simply fabulous! Stunning! They are exactly what I wanted for style and look. They don't have the cheap look of some others I've seen. They look like they cost $1,000! I am delighted with your talent and imagination! Thank you for the 5-star customer service!
― Chantal Girard – Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada
Trixi and I love her beautiful mane beads!! They jingle as we ride on the trails, providing a mesmerizing, relaxing sound to ride by and keep her focused on the trail and not other noises.
― Sandy McGuire


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