Large Septagon

Kristi Lyn Glass’ large 7-dose septagon pillboxes have embellished decorative stained glass tops glued to a plastic base box. Turn the box over to access its individual compartments and view a surprise embellishment in the box’s central well. Large septagon pillboxes have 7 compartments that have separate hinged lids labeled with letters and Braille for the days of the week. Each trapezoidal compartment is 1.875 x 1.375 x .1.375 x .75 x approximately .875 inch deep (inside measurements). Externally, the box measures 4.75 x 4.75 inches. The height varies according to the box’s embellishments.These pillboxes also make terrific jewelry cases. The design of Kristi Lyn Glass’ pill organizers is a PROTECTED DESIGN 2002. Click on any product picture to view details.