Contest: Secret Storage Ideas for UnderCovers

Brown Agate Denture Dock

Although my recently launched UnderCover product was initially designed to provide beautiful, discreet, and handy storage for denture/retainer storage/cleaning boxes and supplies, snore guards, or braces, God and other creative minds have suggested many other uses for my beautiful UnderCover creations.

For example, a roll of toilet paper fits perfectly inside its 4.25″ x 4.25″ x 4.25″ interior, so an UnderCover could be used to keep an extra roll of TP handy, but beautifully hidden, within reach from a toilet.

  TP Roll in UnderCover

Other things an UnderCover could discreetly hide include:

  • Prescriptions or other drugs/supplements
  • Tampons
  • Ostomy bags
  • Condoms
  • Jewelry dish or ring holder
  • Cigarettes, ash tray, or smoking supplies
  • Small change jar

Small Change Jar

  • Cosmetics
  • Water glass
  • Mani/pedi tools/supplies
  • Cotton swabs
  • Diffuser oils
  • Hemorrhoid ointment or wipes

PrepH Tube

  • Pepper spray
  • A small hand gun
  • Tooth paste
  • Packet of cleansing cloths

Cleansing Cloths

  • Remote control
  • Watches
  • Small electronics
  • and more!

Here’s the Contest!

I’m so excited about the many potential uses for UnderCovers, that I’m offering a prize for the most creative/useful suggested use (in my humble opinion) of an UnderCover that is not listed above. Simply submit your suggestion(s) via a comment on this blog post between now and July 31, 2018. (No purchase is necessary to win.) The winner’s prize will be a free (non-custom) UnderCover (including shipping) of his or her choice from those offered for sale on my website. To register or log in to this blog, so you may leave comments and enter this contest, click here. By clicking this link, you confirm that you agree to our Privacy Policy. The winner will be notified via email in early August 2018.

For  more information about my UnderCovers, see this blog post and the Frequently Asked Questions page on my website.

New UnderCover Product Handily Hides Things

30 Denture Docks

In June 2018, I launched a new UnderCover product line. These one-of-a-kind decorative hollow-bottom cubes easily hide your jewelry, denture storage/cleaning box and supplies, braces, snore guard, retainer, tampons, hemorrhoid cream, extra toilet paper roll, ostomy bags, prescription drugs, small electronics . . . the possibilities are endless! An UnderCover will hide from view whatever will fit under it.

The above photo shows the 30 UnderCovers I created for the product launch and posted for sale on my website. As you can see, I am decorating my UnderCovers with mirrored or stained glass tops and embellishing them using the techniques I use on my decorative multi-dose pillboxes. Each one is a unique work of art!

Brown Gold Feather Denture Dock

The Brown Gold Feather UnderCover shown above features a real white feather that has had its tip painted gold and dipped in bronze glitter. I coated the whole feather in clear jewelry-quality resin and glued it onto the UnderCover’s brown stained glass top.

If you are using your UnderCover to hide a storage/cleaning box for your denture/retainer, there also typically will be room inside the cube for a tube of denture adhesive and packets of denture cleaning tablets or other supplies, so you can keep everything handy, as shown below.

White DD Supplies

An UnderCover will add beautiful decor to your bathroom, bedside table, or anywhere you want to keep its secret contents handy.

UnderCover by sink

UnderCovers come with either black or white acrylic base boxes. Internally, UnderCovers measure 4.25″ x 4.25″ x 4.25″. Their exterior measurements are 4.5″ x 4.5″ x approximately 4.75″ high, depending on the height of the embellishments. Accessories shown in the product photos, such as denture storage/cleaning containers and cleaning supplies, are not included with an UnderCover purchase.

Custom black and white and UnderCovers also are available, and I would be delighted to make matching sets of custom UnderCovers and multi-dose pillboxes. Just order the two custom items on my website, and I’ll contact you to find out what you have in mind. I love creating custom products! I can use either my typical embellishment methods or embed photos and/or text in resin on a pillbox or UnderCover. The possibilities are limitless!

Creative minds will find many uses for this exciting new product. Some flat-topped UnderCovers could even be used as soap dishes or water-glass holders.  Check out this blog post to see many suggested uses for UnderCovers and to enter my contest for the most creative/useful thing an UnderCover could hide. You could win an UnderCover! To see the complete product line or to purchase an UnderCover, click here.

Shown below are the blue UnderCovers I created for the product launch and posted on my website.

Blue UnderCovers

Purple and pink UnderCovers are shown below.

Purple and Pink UnderCovers


Green UnderCovers are shown below.

Green UnderCovers

Yellow and brown UnderCovers are shown below.

Yellow and Brown UnderCovers

Neutral colored UnderCovers are shown below.


I don’t do social media, so I would greatly appreciate your clicking the “Share This” button below to help spread the word about my UnderCovers. Here is a product category link for you to post or add to an email: I would also love to have you comment on this blog post. What do you think of this new product? What uses are you already imagining for it?

New Chaplets, Protestant Prayer Beads

8 Prayer Beads

Eight new sets of Anglican (Protestant) prayer beads have been added to my website today. Five of the eight shown above are necklace length. Regular length sets include the purple set on the left and the two sets on the right.

Four new $18.00 Anglican chaplet bracelets have also been added to my inventory, as shown below.

4 Chaplet Bracelets

Each of my Anglican prayer beads is unique and inspired by the various components I have in stock. The black dragonfly set shown below is especially beautiful, as it features not only dragonflies on its Week beads, but also dragonfly Cruciform beads with silver-plated wings and tiny clear seed bead heads and tails.

Dragonfly Prayer Beads

Large embossed silvertone metal fish form the Cruciform beads on the Gray White Fish Anglican Prayer Bead Necklace shown below. Its fish, large white Week beads, and lovely rhinestoned Swiss Cross feel particularly nice in hand.

Fish Prayer Beads

Ever a fan of rainbows and iridescence, I especially enjoyed creating the Purple Star Hearts and Rainbow Peace Cross sets shown below. The former has lots of bling with purple rhinestone hearts and little flat star spacer beads, and the latter will appeal to those who may appreciate its Chakra colors and peace symbol cross. Both are necklace length.

Purple Star Hearts Prayer Beads  Rainbow Peace Cross Prayer Beads

Check out these and more on my website. Each set of prayer beads is priced at $32.00, which includes a black velvet pouch, 16-page full-color booklet, and a lifetime restringing guarantee.

You get the same goodies with each chaplet purchase. You need some useful, statement-making bling for your wrist, purse, or rear view mirror, right, like the White Lampwork Flowered Chaplet shown below?

White Lampwork Flowers Chaplet

My prayer beads and  chaplets also make great gifts, so order yours today!

Given that I have a vast assortment of components available, ever wonder what my personal set of prayer beads looks like? Wonder no more. See below.

KLG Prayer Beads

My idea of “The Best Bling for the King”!



Moonlit Ponies–Gone Large!

Large Moonlit Ponies

I recently completed a larger version of my previous glow-in-the-dark “Moonlit Ponies” acrylic painting. The new work, “Moonlit Horses,” is shown above. It is 30″ x 40″ on gallery wrap canvas. If you look closely in the upper left side of the sky, you can see the moon, mainly discernible by its bumpy texture.

The larger herd of horses, shown in detail below, is comprised of Appaloosa-like steeds with four different spot types:  gold stars, orange iridescent disks, and dark and light silver stars. I chose these inclusions to provide variety and glitter in the sunlight while allowing their white nighttime glow to shine brightly behind their spots.

Large Herd

The 3D molded clear resin horses’ glow-in-the dark paint (also used on the moon) emits white light for approximately 6 hours after exposure to sunlight or a UV light source. The white hue of this paint, applied to the back side of each horse before gluing it unto the canvas, is a more logical choice than the blue and green colors I used on the horses in “Moonlit Ponies.”

Due to its 6-hour glow time following UV/daylight exposure, the best location for hanging this work will be where it will get full late afternoon sunlight. Otherwise, installing a UV light source (on a timer) to shine on it before “lights out” will produce the same effect.

Here is what it looks light in half light (after 10 minute exposure to full sunlight):

Moonlit Horses-Half Light

And in total darkness:

Other refinements made in this work, based on my earlier experiments, include:

  • Using a darker gray iridescent acrylic combined with a heavy bodied clear medium to give more presence and dimension to the mountains and their slopes.
  • Adding a heavy bodied clear medium to the white foreground acrylic paint to give it more texture.
  • Using a wider brush to apply the white acrylic paint.
  • Not spreading the white acrylic color as evenly on the sky, thus allowing the sky’s glitter to have bare swaths that read like clouds.
  • Using three coats of the glow paint, instead of two, on the horses and moon.
  • Letting the 3D crystal mortar follow the undulating base of the mountains, rather than applying it in a straight line.
  • Applying silver glass glitter to the crystal mortar, instead of gold glass glitter.
  • Applying the glitter  to the sky and foreground by flicking it off of a mop brush, rather than sprinkling it on, to provide more even coverage.
  • Spraying the entire work (before painting the moon and adding the horses) with a clear fixative to firmly set the glitter.

I continued to use plain silver glitter on the sky and holographic rainbow silver glitter on the snowy foreground, both in extra-fine grade. These are dazzling in the sunlight, but impossible to capture in a photo.

If I were to change anything more at this point, I would maybe move the horse herd up a tad, closer to the base of the mountains, to add a more realistic perspective. An alternative would be to use a canvas that is more of a strong horizontal than a rectangle with these proportions.

I’m pretty pleased with this work, but I would be willing to part with it (or produce a similar work for you) for a price. If this interests you, inquire!

New SteedBeads Rhythm Beads

4 Rhytnm Beads

Four new sets of readymade SteedBeads Rhythm Beads for horses are now available on my website. I chose to make these in popular purple and neutral color palettes. Lengths are 50 inches or larger, so they will fit most horse sizes. The Rhythm Beads may be shortened, using the provided adjustment clip, but they may not be lengthened.

The top two sets have chromed brass large round temple bells, which have a fairly loud tone. The bottom two sets have softer-sounding bells.

All SteedBeads Rhythm Beads feature my unique safety fuse, so if the beads should catch on anything, the fuse will break before the bead strand. The necklace will then either remain clipped to your horse’s mane or fall to the ground without scattering any beads or bells. Two replacement fuses are included with each order, and more fuses may be improvised using material from your local hardware store.

Check out all my readymade SteedBeads Rhythm Beads, Mane Dangles, and Saddle Dangles and add some jingle to your ride with these unique natural horsemanship training aids. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for or you need a special length to fit your horse or pony, you can always order custom SteedBeads products. I can make these to your specs in just a day or two. Most orders ship via USPS Priority Mail, so you could have a custom order in hand within a week.

I love to see horses wearing my SteedBeads products. Please post a picture of your horse wearing his or hers on my website’s Testimonials page, where you also can view pictures and notes from other satisfied SteedBeads customers.

Small Model Horse Rhythm Beads

And don’t forget my SteedBeads Rhythm Beads for Model Horses. These come in two sizes and make great gifts for horsey munchkins!

New Artwork Features Glowing Sparkle

Moonlit Ponies

This winter, I’ve been awestruck by the glittering frost that God has gifted us with. This inspired my creation of the above 15″ x 30″ acrylic work, “Moonlit Ponies.:

The sky has plain silver glitter; the foreground has holographic (rainbow) silver glitter. The tree line is made of translucent 3D crystal mortar with gold glass glitter embedded in it. The different silver glitter types do not show in the pix, but are dazzling in the sunlight and especially when viewed in person. The mountains are formed using brush strokes of iridescent silver acrylic paint.

I made the glittery resin horses using molds. They are each 1.5″ high and .5” deep. I then painted their undersides with various colors of glow-in-the dark paint before gluing them onto the canvas. I also made the moon glow in the dark using this special paint that is almost invisible in daylight. When these elements are charged by sunlight or a UV flashlight, they will glow for 6 hours, as shown below.

Glowing Moonlit Horses

Unfortunately, the sparkle and glow-in-the-dark effects don’t show up as well as I’d like for the photos, especially the one above, taken in semi-darkness. However, you get the idea of what is lit up in the dark. The resin horses look cool when the daylight shines from the side, as their half-inch-high transparent shapes cast horse shadows on the snow.

Moonlit Horses 2

I started my experiment with a much smaller prototype, shown below. Its horse had too many inclusions that blocked much of its glow. This picture shows some of the holographic rainbow effect of the foreground glitter. The tree line was way too messy, though.

Moonlit Horses Prototype

I then experimented on another small canvas with the same (non-holographic) glitter top and bottom, iridescent blue/silver mountains, and the crystal mortar for the tree line. I pressed gold glass glitter into the left side of the tree line and silver glass glitter into its right side.

Moonlight Horses-Prototype 2

I chose gold glass glitter in the tree line for the larger work, but I’ve been wondering if that makes the tree line stand out too much. Maybe the silver is better? I will experiment more with the glass mortar before adding it to my next work. I may try some different media mixed with the mortar and see what looks best.

I have learned a lot during this process! I plan to apply that knowledge to a similar work on a larger canvas. I have already made another herd of horses for that one, and since it will be much larger, I may expand this little herd with eight more horses.

New Ponies

What do you think?? I would love to receive comments on these techniques and works.


New Prayer Beads And Chaplets

I recently created four new sets of Anglican/Protestant prayer beads and posted them on my website. One quickly sold, but still available are the three shown above (L-R) Pink Green HeartsFaceted Bronzed Purple Hearts, and Brown Bear Agate. The latter is made entirely of stone beads, and its bear fetishes are associated with great strength, supernatural power, healing, and self-knowledge, so this may be a particularly powerful set. It and the other brown/purple set are potentially necklace length, so they may be worn as lovely statements of faith and to be kept handy for comforting prayer use. A closer view of the lovely pedants is shown below.

The fourth set, which sold quickly, was a unique silver-plated peace-symbol set in a long necklace length. Its striped stone cross and lampworked Cruciform beads are especially beautiful.

Black Peace Prayer Beads

I also added four new Anglican/Protestant Chaplet Bracelets to my website. Again, one quickly sold. The remaining three are shown below.

3 Chaplet Bracelets

Pictured (L-R) are the Purple Ombre, Black Gold Swiss Cross, and  Blue Millefiori Anglican Chaplet Bracelets. They may be worn as bracelets, tucked in a pocket, or attached to a purse, backpack, or rear view mirror so they are handy for prayer use. The chaplet that sold, shown below, was perfect for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Facet Red Heart Chaplet

It features a coppertone cross that I filled with red resin. I made a bunch of these little crosses in various colors, so watch for them on my future prayer bead creations.

Check out all the lovely prayer beads and chaplets available for $32 and $18 (respectively) on my website. Each purchase includes my 16-page full-color Anglican Prayer Beads booklet, a velveteen storage pouch, and a lifetime re-stringing guarantee. The booklet contains contains prayer bead pictures, historical information, symbolism and layout of the beads, instructions on their uses, and nine sample prayers. It is also available via digital download for only $2.00.

22 New Decorative Pillboxes

New Small Pillboxes

I recently completed a batch of 22 new decorative pill organizers and posted them for sale on my website. The picture above shows 15 of the smaller pillboxes. The picture below shows the 7 larger ones in this batch.

7 Large Pillboxes

Both new and older embellishment techniques are featured in this batch. In addition to simply trimmed stained glass tops like the dragonfly, fish, and orange swirled boxes in the above picture, I made two that feature mirrored tops with rainbow rhinestone mesh embedded in a layer of clear resin. These are very glittery in hand. The above example is a 14-dose XXL pillbox. The smaller of these two rainbow boxes is the medium 14-dose version pictured below.

Rhinestone Rainbow Pillbox

I used a septagonal mold I created to form the confetti resin top for the Teal Confetti 7-dose Small Septagon pillbox below.

Teal Confetti Pillbox

On its underside, I created a glittery clear resin cabochon to fit in its central well.

Teal Confetti Pillbox's Cabochon

This batch also features some of the lovely iridescent dichroic glass cabochons I recently acquired from a glass artist. One of these cabochons is embedded in a glittery layer of clear resin on the rainbow-coated stained glass top of the Teal Pink Dichro 7-dose rectangular pillbox pictured below.

Purple Teal Pink Dichro Pillbox

I had fun creating more of my popular enamel-on-mirror resin-coated tops on several of the boxes in this batch, such as the Mirrored Strawberry Mocha 14-dose Medium Pillbox shown below.

Mirrored Strawberry Mocha Pillbox

I embedded a ring with shifting rainbow hues in glittery resin to look like a moon rising over the mountains on the mirrored Purple Mountain Lake Large 28-dose Pillbox below that also features the enamel/resin technique.

Purple Mountain Lake Pillbox

Would you believe its underside looks like this?

Purple Mountain Lake Pillbox Underside

Which side would you rather look at when your pillbox is sitting on your counter?

For more details on these pillboxes and many more, including custom options, please visit my website. My creations make treasured gifts! Come beat the Christmas rush.




10 New Protestant Prayer Beads

I recently completed and posted for sale on my website the above ten new Anglican prayer beads. The four on the right and the pink one on the left are long enough to be worn as necklaces for beautiful statements of faith.

The Pink Silver Serenity set (third from the left and shown below), will be of special interest to those who often pray the Serenity Prayer or who have been involved in twelve-step groups.

I especially love the lime green rhinestone encrusted cross on the Lime Glitter set (second from the right in the opening picture above). I filled in its previously hollow back with lime glitter and clear jewelry quality resin, as shown below, so it not only looks pretty on both sides, but also feels smooth in hand.

The Aurora Circlets necklace prayer beads (fourth from the right in this post’s opening photo) are especially lovely. Iridescent faceted aurora borealis roller balls are circled by silver plated rings to form its Cruciform beads. Its transparent round crackle glass Week beads have rainbow hued coatings on one side, allowing the crackle glass to display on the other side of each bead. Rainbow coated rectangular tube glass spacer beads and a custom-created patchworked jeweltone dichroic glass cross round out this spectacular set’s components.

Each set of prayer beads is priced at $32.00 plus $7.00 shipping (free shipping for local orders) and includes my 16-page Anglican Prayer Beads booklet and a lifetime re-stringing guarantee. Visit my website now to place your order before these beauties get snapped up by others!