New Artwork Features Glowing Sparkle

Moonlit Ponies

This winter, I’ve been awestruck by the glittering frost that God has gifted us with. This inspired my creation of the above 15″ x 30″ acrylic work, “Moonlit Horses.

The sky has plain silver glitter; the foreground has holographic (rainbow) silver glitter. The tree line is made of translucent 3D crystal mortar with gold glass glitter embedded in it. The different silver glitter types do not show in the pix, but are dazzling in the sunlight and especially when viewed in person. The mountains are formed using brush strokes of iridescent silver acrylic paint.

I made the glittery resin horses using molds. They are each 1.5″ high and .5” deep. I then painted their undersides with various colors of glow-in-the dark paint before gluing them onto the canvas. I also made the moon glow in the dark using this special paint that is almost invisible in daylight. When these elements are charged by sunlight or a UV flashlight, they will glow for 6 hours, as shown below.

Glowing Moonlit Horses

Unfortunately, the sparkle and glow-in-the-dark effects don’t show up as well as I’d like for the photos, especially the one above, taken in semi-darkness. However, you get the idea of what is lit up in the dark. The resin horses look cool when the daylight shines from the side, as their half-inch-high transparent shapes cast horse shadows on the snow.

Moonlit Horses 2

I started my experiment with a much smaller prototype, shown below. Its horse had too many inclusions that blocked much of its glow. This picture shows some of the holographic rainbow effect of the foreground glitter. The tree line was way too messy, though.

Moonlit Horses Prototype

I then experimented on another small canvas with the same (non-holographic) glitter top and bottom, iridescent blue/silver mountains, and the crystal mortar for the tree line. I pressed gold glass glitter into the left side of the tree line and silver glass glitter into its right side.

Moonlight Horses-Prototype 2

I chose gold glass glitter in the tree line for the larger work, but I’ve been wondering if that makes the tree line stand out too much. Maybe the silver is better? I will experiment more with the glass mortar before adding it to my next work. I may try some different media mixed with the mortar and see what looks best.

I have learned a lot during this process! I plan to apply that knowledge to a similar work on a larger canvas. I have already made another herd of horses for that one, and since it will be much larger, I may expand this little herd with eight more horses.

New Ponies

What do you think?? I would love to receive comments on these techniques and works.


New Prayer Beads And Chaplets

I recently created four new sets of Anglican/Protestant prayer beads and posted them on my website. One quickly sold, but still available are the three shown above (L-R) Pink Green HeartsFaceted Bronzed Purple Hearts, and Brown Bear Agate. The latter is made entirely of stone beads, and its bear fetishes are associated with great strength, supernatural power, healing, and self-knowledge, so this may be a particularly powerful set. It and the other brown/purple set are potentially necklace length, so they may be worn as lovely statements of faith and to be kept handy for comforting prayer use. A closer view of the lovely pedants is shown below.

The fourth set, which sold quickly, was a unique silver-plated peace-symbol set in a long necklace length. Its striped stone cross and lampworked Cruciform beads are especially beautiful.

Black Peace Prayer Beads

I also added four new Anglican/Protestant Chaplet Bracelets to my website. Again, one quickly sold. The remaining three are shown below.

3 Chaplet Bracelets

Pictured (L-R) are the Purple Ombre, Black Gold Swiss Cross, and  Blue Millefiori Anglican Chaplet Bracelets. They may be worn as bracelets, tucked in a pocket, or attached to a purse, backpack, or rear view mirror so they are handy for prayer use. The chaplet that sold, shown below, was perfect for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Facet Red Heart Chaplet

It features a coppertone cross that I filled with red resin. I made a bunch of these little crosses in various colors, so watch for them on my future prayer bead creations.

Check out all the lovely prayer beads and chaplets available for $32 and $18 (respectively) on my website. Each purchase includes my 16-page full-color Anglican Prayer Beads booklet, a velveteen storage pouch, and a lifetime re-stringing guarantee. The booklet contains contains prayer bead pictures, historical information, symbolism and layout of the beads, instructions on their uses, and nine sample prayers. It is also available via digital download for only $2.00.

22 New Decorative Pillboxes

New Small Pillboxes

I recently completed a batch of 22 new decorative pill organizers and posted them for sale on my website. The picture above shows 15 of the smaller pillboxes. The picture below shows the 7 larger ones in this batch.

7 Large Pillboxes

Both new and older embellishment techniques are featured in this batch. In addition to simply trimmed stained glass tops like the dragonfly, fish, and orange swirled boxes in the above picture, I made two that feature mirrored tops with rainbow rhinestone mesh embedded in a layer of clear resin. These are very glittery in hand. The above example is a 14-dose XXL pillbox. The smaller of these two rainbow boxes is the medium 14-dose version pictured below.

Rhinestone Rainbow Pillbox

I used a septagonal mold I created to form the confetti resin top for the Teal Confetti 7-dose Small Septagon pillbox below.

Teal Confetti Pillbox

On its underside, I created a glittery clear resin cabochon to fit in its central well.

Teal Confetti Pillbox's Cabochon

This batch also features some of the lovely iridescent dichroic glass cabochons I recently acquired from a glass artist. One of these cabochons is embedded in a glittery layer of clear resin on the rainbow-coated stained glass top of the Teal Pink Dichro 7-dose rectangular pillbox pictured below.

Purple Teal Pink Dichro Pillbox

I had fun creating more of my popular enamel-on-mirror resin-coated tops on several of the boxes in this batch, such as the Mirrored Strawberry Mocha 14-dose Medium Pillbox shown below.

Mirrored Strawberry Mocha Pillbox

I embedded a ring with shifting rainbow hues in glittery resin to look like a moon rising over the mountains on the mirrored Purple Mountain Lake Large 28-dose Pillbox below that also features the enamel/resin technique.

Purple Mountain Lake Pillbox

Would you believe its underside looks like this?

Purple Mountain Lake Pillbox Underside

Which side would you rather look at when your pillbox is sitting on your counter?

For more details on these pillboxes and many more, including custom options, please visit my website. My creations make treasured gifts! Come beat the Christmas rush.




10 New Protestant Prayer Beads

I recently completed and posted for sale on my website the above ten new Anglican prayer beads. The four on the right and the pink one on the left are long enough to be worn as necklaces for beautiful statements of faith.

The Pink Silver Serenity set (third from the left and shown below), will be of special interest to those who often pray the Serenity Prayer or who have been involved in twelve-step groups.

I especially love the lime green rhinestone encrusted cross on the Lime Glitter set (second from the right in the opening picture above). I filled in its previously hollow back with lime glitter and clear jewelry quality resin, as shown below, so it not only looks pretty on both sides, but also feels smooth in hand.

The Aurora Circlets necklace prayer beads (fourth from the right in this post’s opening photo) are especially lovely. Iridescent faceted aurora borealis roller balls are circled by silver plated rings to form its Cruciform beads. Its transparent round crackle glass Week beads have rainbow hued coatings on one side, allowing the crackle glass to display on the other side of each bead. Rainbow coated rectangular tube glass spacer beads and a custom-created patchworked jeweltone dichroic glass cross round out this spectacular set’s components.

Each set of prayer beads is priced at $32.00 plus $7.00 shipping (free shipping for local orders) and includes my 16-page Anglican Prayer Beads booklet and a lifetime re-stringing guarantee. Visit my website now to place your order before these beauties get snapped up by others!

Etsy Stats Reflect Seller Exodus, a former bastion for those seeking to buy/sell handmade goods, lost approximately 43,600 of its online shops between May 2 and  June 6, 2017. This is likely at least partially due to Etsy’s requirement that, as of May 31, 2017, most Etsy shop owners must use Etsy’s combined payment interface instead of letting buyers check out only via PayPal. This number of lost shops represents approximately 4% of the 1,013,270 shops that were active on May 1, 2017.

The largest drop in the number of active items for sale on Etsy from May 2 through June 5, 2017, was in items from the USA.  The tables below reflect the number of items for sale on Etsy on May 2 vs. June 5.

5/2/17 All Items Handmade Vintage Supplies
Anywhere 45,275,971 33,507,366 7,944,436 7,847,570
USA 26,263,422 19,283,603 4,919,902 4,074,385
Elsewhere 19,013,252 14,223,763 3,024,534 3,773,185


6/5/17 All Items Handmade Vintage Supplies
Anywhere 44,740,918 33,059,921 7,846,887 7,837,339
USA 19,003,509 19,003,477 4,869,586 4,044,472
Elsewhere 25,737,409 14,056,444 2,977,301 3,792,867

USA-produced  items have switched percentages with the number of non-USA-produced items for sale on Etsy. The latter now greatly outnumber USA-produced items, as shown in the tables above.

Figures below break down the drops in the number of items for sale in the various categories, showing the approximate number of 5/2/17 items for sale  vs. 6/5/17 items for sale on Etsy:

Accessories (3,765,337 items) 3,663,346

Bags & Purses (1,708,161 items) 1,656,260

Clothing (4,272,416 items)  4,262,604

Shoes (244,810 items)  241,701

Jewelry (8,930,260 items)  8,752,747

Craft Supplies & Tools (7,848,251 items)  7,837,306

Weddings (1,694,486 items)  1,677,933

Books, Movies & Music (739,022 items)  731,597

Electronics & Accessories (520,639 items)  510,002

Toys & Games (823,820 items)  810,472

Art & Collectibles (6,196,290 items)  6,073,553

Bath & Beauty (1,603,891 items)  1,572,041

Home & Living (7,651,670 items)  7,605,714

Paper & Party Supplies (3,506,158 items)  3,458,069

Pet Supplies (369,282 items)  367,872


Accessories (393,354 items)  389,282

Art & Collectibles (1,238,875 items)  1,224,970

Bags & Purses (159,453 items)  158,812

Clothing (1,160,915 items)  1,140,283

Craft Supplies & Tools (923,029 items)  900,202

Home & Living (1,982,000 items)  1,978,862

Jewelry (1,425,123 items)  1,401,527

Toys & Games (209,076 items)  207,371

Etsy claimed, in its first quarter 2017 financial report, that it had approximately 1,801,000 active sellers as of March 31, 2017, yet the number of total active shops as of 6/4/17 reflects about half that number. On May 1, 2017, there were approximately 1,013,270 shops; on June 4, 2017, there were 969,666 shops, according to Etsy’s online statistics.

The numbers Etsy cites in its financial report are “active sellers at any given time/day.”  The number of shops does not equal the number of sellers. Many shops are staffed with two or more sellers. Some single sellers have multiple shops. If a shop has “0” items, it is not counted in the active number of shops on Etsy. Also not counted are shops on vacation mode, shops that have deactivated all listings, and shops that have “0” listings.

Even given these considerations, it appears that Etsy is experiencing a seller exodus, and I am glad to among their numbers. I closed my Etsy shop on May 15, 2017.

Elko Centennial Cowboy Boot Now in Place at Great Basin College

GBC Boot

After over two month’s work, the Elko Nevada Centennial cowboy boot I created for Great Basin College (GBC) is now in its final resting place on the college’s campus.  This boot is one of several similar six-foot-high boots placed around Elko by sponsoring businesses and painted in various styles by local artists. The campaign is part of the city’s centennial celebration this year.

GBC Boot

I’ve heard a rumor that sponsors have been found for all of the city’s initial order of 26 boots, and that the city is placing an order for more such boots to meet local demand. The new order will not be available for artists to paint until next spring, however.

GBC Boot

I am grateful to GBC President Mark Curtis for asking me to complete this project for GBC. Credit also goes to Dr. Curtis for the photos included in this post. I especially appreciated his contributions and help throughout the creation process, and his arrangements for placement of the boot in such a prominent location on campus. I hope it will be a meaningful landmark there for many years to come.

For more information about the development of this boot, see my earlier blog posts about stage 1, stage 2, and stage 3 of the project.

Ten Anglican Chaplet Bracelets

Ten Chaplets

Ten new Anglican chaplet bracelets are now for sale on my website for $18.00 each. These feature a variety of colors, styles, and lengths. I previously was creating most of my Protestant chaplets to fit my own wrist, so in this batch I included some shorter and longer than that average length.

I have also begun using larger lobster claw clasps, such as the one shown below, in antique brass, and gold- and silver-plated brass. Their bigger openings will allow them to be attached to a wider variety of locations and fastenings.

Squiggle Chaplet

Each of these Protestant chaplet bracelets comes with a velveteen storage pouch, a lifetime restringing guarantee, and a copy of my 16-page Anglican Prayer Beads booklet that includes prayer bead pictures, history, symbolism, instructions, and nine sample prayers.

Prayer Bead Booklet & Pouch

I’ve also recently updated my Anglican Prayer Beads booklet with a instructions for using chaplets, which are shortened forms of Anglican (Protestant) prayer beads. To make chaplets’ use crystal clear, I have included the following diagram in this revision of the booklet.

Chaplets are designed to be used in any way you choose to enhance and/or organize your prayer time. They may also be worn as bracelets or attached to purses, backpacks, rear view mirrors, cell phones, etc., to keep them handy and as personal statements of faith.

The Aqua Ceramic Hearts Anglican Chaplet below is one of my faves. If it is not sold soon, I may just keep it for my own use!

Ceramic Hearts Chaplet

My chaplets also make great gifts and starter prayer beads for adults and children to practice their use. Visit my website and snap some up today!


Closing My Etsy Shop 5/15/17

KLG Etsy Shop

I joined as a seller in 2006, one year after its inception. After 11 years as a successful Etsy shop owner, I’ll be closing my Etsy shop on May 15, 2017, due to Etsy’s reprehensible strong-arm tactics directed at Etsy sellers. As of May 17, 2017, Etsy will require most Etsy shop owners (including all those in the USA) to accept payments through Etsy’s “Etsy Payments” interface instead of exclusively through Paypal, which many Etsy shop owners prefer, as I do. If a seller does not comply with this requirement, his or her Etsy shop(s) will be closed by Etsy on May 18, 2017.

All of my products, the vast majority of which have never been available in my Etsy shop, are available on my personal website Therefore, I am in a far better situation than many other Etsy sellers who have been given less than a month’s notice to (1) comply, (2) scramble to find another way to market their products, or (3) go out of business. Those who have previously purchased my products via my Etsy shop are encouraged to bookmark my website and shop there for my products in the future.

Etsy’s Rationale and Requirements

Etsy is imposing this requirement to increase its revenue by collecting the payment processing fees that would otherwise be collected by Paypal. However, Etsy is not offering sellers the impeccable reliability, worldwide acceptance, pseudo banking services, and outstanding phone customer support that Paypal provides. Etsy only provides customer support via non-prompt (and sometimes ignored) email requests for a call. It also has a history of (on at least one occasion in 2016) fouling up its sellers’ finances so badly that customers had to wait a month to receive their orders and/or have their payments processed. Buyers are reporting serious problems with Etsy’s new shopping cart that allows purchases from multiple shops in the same cart. Sellers are currently reporting lengthy payment delays for product sales. Many sellers are therefore distrustful of Etsy’s ability to successfully manage their finances. Sellers are also unwilling to hand out personal information and bank account access to yet another entity.

Like Paypal, Etsy Payments accepts a wide variety of payment types, but using Etsy Payments will require Etsy sellers to:

  • Provide Etsy with his or her social security number and a photo ID.
  • Allow Etsy to access his or her bank account (for Etsy to both deposit and withdraw funds)
  • Use Etsy’s shipping interface, which is limited and not as easy to use as Paypal’s
  • Delay receipt of payments as long as 3 days, whereas Paypal allows instant access to received payments

If a seller chooses to continue to have payments made via PayPal to go into a Paypal account and other forms of payment to go into the seller’s bank account, the seller must set up and maintain accounting systems for both payment sources, adding to the seller’s workload. The layout of the Etsy buyer’s checkout screen visually funnels the buyer to check out via Etsy Payments, even though the Paypal payment option may be offered, thus maximizing the processing fees collected by Etsy and minimizing those received by Paypal.

Etsy’s Climate Change

Etsy’s founders built in 2005 on the premise that it would contain only handcrafted items made by its shop owners. Artists and crafters flocked to this venue to sell their wares in the Etsy marketplace. Over the years, the definition of “hand made” has definitely changed. Etsy is not curated. It allows the sale of mass produced items, encourages the sale of (Etsy approved) manufactured items as handmade, and doesn’t cull bad sellers. Some would call that a “flea market.”

Etsy began broadening its scope to allow sales of vintage items and art/craft supplies. The latter attracted large-scale sellers from China and other foreign countries who set up shops on Etsy containing thousands of items. Etsy collected fees for listing, selling, and renewing each of these items, allowing Etsy to grow exponentially. This led to Etsy initiating a public offering of its stock in March 2015. In the process, the original founders of Etsy sold out to a board of directors that has increasingly ignored Etsy’s initial premise and the needs and interests of the thousands of artists and crafters on whose backs Etsy was built.

This month, Etsy launched a spin-off site called Etsy Studio that has very close ties to Etsy Studio offers how-to videos  with detailed instructions and required tools/materials lists. Most of the required items on those lists link back to the products sold by suppliers via Etsy.

On May 2, 2017, a new shakeup in management occurred, and a new CEO is now  in charge. Check out the first quarter 2017 financial report for details and insight into Etsy’s new direction.

You can see where Etsy is headed. It sees the art/craft supply market as a plum revenue source, rather than the artists and crafters who are offering handmade items for sale on Etsy. It is focused on making a profit, rather than its original ideals. Therefore, Etsy has no conscience about imposing requirements on  artists/crafters that will effectively winnow out the smaller and perhaps less productive ones. This includes the mom and pop businesses who use Paypal as their business “bank account” and those who want to keep their accounting efforts to a minimum.

Impact on My Business

I currently pay a considerable amount of money to Google AdWords to advertise my products on the internet. When people conduct a Google internet search, text and display ads for my products will appear on the same page as related search results. Unfortunately, the majority of those ads have been driving customers to my Etsy shop, rather than to my personal website. I don’t know if Etsy and Google are in cahoots, but it certainly looks that way.

Once my Etsy shop has closed, I will be monitoring my AdWords account closely to determine its effectiveness in driving traffic to my personal website. I am hopeful that my website will receive more traffic, rather than less, but time will tell.

I hope and pray that my Etsy customers will find my products on my personal website, but I am sure that many of them will not make that effort. I will do what I can to alert them to my Etsy shop closing, but I anticipate that my sales revenue will experience a downturn in the near term as Etsy customers transition to finding my products elsewhere.

I invested heavily in the development of my personal website, so I consider this change an opportunity for the website to begin making more of a return on that investment.


Below are Etsy’s current statistics on the number of items available in each category available from each location. The statistics change each minute, probably due to sales made and listings added/deleted. I calculated the “Elsewhere” stats by subtracting the USA stats from their respective Anywhere stats.

5/2/17 All Items Handmade Vintage Supplies
Anywhere 45,275,971 33,507,366 7,944,436 7,847,570
USA 26,263,422 19,283,603 4,919,902 4,074,385
Elsewhere 19,013,252 14,223,763 3,024,534 3,773,185

Active Etsy sellers as of 12/31/16: 1,700,000

It will be interesting to compare these statistics to those available on 5/19/17, after Etsy closes the shops of noncompliant sellers.


3 Readymade SteedBeads Rhythm Beads

3 SteedBeads

I recently created the three new sets of readymade SteedBeads Rhythm Beads shown above and posted them for sale on my website. The two on the left are 52″ long and will fit a large size horse. The green one is 50″ long and will fit a slightly larger than average size horse. The purple set has two brass tags flanking the pendant that say “be true” and “follow your heart,” respectively. The green jingle bells have the softest tone of the three sets shown. The purple set’s brass temple bells are next softest. The large round brass temple bells on the brown set are quite loud. Check out all my readymade SteedBeads Rhythm Beads here. Don’t forget to order matching SteedBeads Saddle Dangles and/or Mane Dangles.

Ordering a set of Custom SteedBeads Rhythm Beads is the best way to get exactly what you want in terms of size, pendant type, and bell type and bead colors. Most of my available bell types are shown below. The large round temple bells (first and second in row one) also come in plain brass.

Rhythm Bead Bells

In general, those in the top row are louder and lower pitched than the ones in the bottom row. If you want to hear how the different types of bells sound, give me a call and I’ll jingle some for you!