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How will my artwork be packaged for shipment?
Prints and note cards will be shipped flat and packaged to prevent bending during shipping. Framed artwork will be packaged to help prevent damage during shipment. If glass is included in a framed picture, there is no guarantee that it will not break during shipment. If that unfortunate event happens, please purchase replacement glass locally. Most framed artwork is assembled in a manner that will allow for relatively easy removal and replacement of broken glass.


How are Cloisonne Critters created?

Each original in the Cloisonne Critters series features a three-dimensional acrylic painted "critter" mounted on a printed fabric background. The detail on the critter is enhanced with dimensional paint to produce a cloisonne effect. Critters are mounted under Plexiglas in a wood frame painted to match the color of the cloisonne "leading."


What are encaustic paintings?

Encaustic works are made using melted wax. A variety of processes is represented, including dipping, melting on the surface support, tipping, blowing, and ironing.


How are prints made?

Prints are made using a high-resolution ink-jet printer. Most are printed on glossy photo paper, but some are printed on high-quality watercolor or ink jet paper.


What sizes are large and small prints?

Large prints contain the artwork nicely on a 13" x 19" size paper. Small prints contain the artwork as large as possible on 8.5" x 1l" size paper.


How are note cards made?

Artwork is printed on glossy photo paper using a high-resolution ink-jet printer. These prints are mounted inside an embossed border on acid-free white 5" x 6 7/8" note cards. Matching envelopes are 5.25" x 7.25".




What is UTEEite?

UTEEite gets its name much like Fordite does, though UTEEite is made of ultra thick embossing enamel (UTEE). See for more information about Fordite. UTEE stands for Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel. It comes in crystal form in various colors. The crystals are melted in one or more melting pots and then made into various jewelry components that solidify when cooled. Ingredients are added to make the essentially plastic UTEEite sturdier, so it is typically quite durable, but in its thinner shapes it can be snapped or broken if subjected to too much pressure or abrasion. All UTEEite components on this website have been created by Kristi Lyn Glass.


Does Kristi Lyn Glass make the beads used in her jewelry designs?

Kristi Lyn Glass has not yet ventured into glass bead making or kiln work. However, she does make UTEEite jewelry and pillbox components, and other components, such as faux dichroic glass and resin-filled bezels.


Can the attachments on purchased earrings be changed to another type prior to shipment?

Yes. This can be done at no charge if you notify us of your preference when you place your order. For example, ear wires may be replaced with clip-on attachments, or vice versa.




How are the pillboxes' compartments accessed?

One-dose boxes have hinged lids; they are opened by pressing a latch on one side of the box. Other style boxes have a decorative top, typically made of stained glass, that is glued to the plastic base box. The entire box is turned over to open the individual compartments' lids to gain access to the compartments' contents.


How may multi-dose boxes be used to accommodate different needs?

Regardless of the labels on the individual compartment lids, multi-dose boxes may be used in a variety of ways. For example, a 14-dose pillbox may be used to hold one dose per day for 14 days. It may also be used to hold morning and evening doses for a week. A 4-dose pillbox may be used to hold one dose a day for four days; two doses per day for two days; or morning, noon, evening, and bedtime doses for one day.


Are other sizes/shapes of pillbox base boxes available?

E-mail Kristi Lyn Glass to describe what kind of base box you require. Many other sizes/styles are available, though not all lend themselves to stained glass embellishment.


How long does it take to create a custom pillbox?

If all components are in stock, a custom box can be created in 2-3 days. If components must be ordered, it can add a week or so to the creation time. Cure times of various components are also a factor. For example, it takes 24 hours for glue and enamel to cure; it takes 3 days for resin to cure.


Are pillboxes washable?

Pillboxes are designed to be totally immersible for cleaning. Use a mild soap and gentle scrubbing. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.


What is jewelry quality resin?

Jewelry quality resin is a two-part epoxy-like material that is self-leveling/doming and dries clear. It is very durable and difficult to scratch. It may be tinted various colors and retain its transparency. Various inclusions, such as glitter or other components, may be embedded in or surrounded by the resin layer.. Resin takes three days to cure before it can be put in an airtight container, for example, a shipping container.


What kind of enamel is used on some pillbox tops?

Special kinds of enamel paint are used to decorate some pillbox tops. The enamels mix in unpredictable ways to form unique and intriguing surface designs. Enamel layers are typically coated with a layer of resin for durability.




What are Protestant (Anglican) prayer beads?

Protestant (Anglican) Prayer Beads are similar to a Catholic Rosary, but for Protestants to use during prayer. Unlike the Catholic Rosary, which has a set pattern for its use, Anglican prayer beads may be used any way that feels right for you.


How do Protestant (Anglican) Prayer Beads differ from a Catholic Rosary?

A Catholic Rosary is designed with the appropriate number of larger and smaller beads arranged in a pattern that will accompany the single prescribed prayer for its use. Protestant (Anglican) Prayer Beads have a simple combination of four sets of seven beads, separated by larger Cruciform beads. Protestant Prayer Beads may be used in a wide variety of ways, utilizing many different prayer formats, all at the user's discretion. The general purpose of Protestant Prayer Beads is to enhance and organize one's prayer time and meditative communication with God.


What is the specific bead layout for Protestant (Anglican) prayer beads?

The circlet of Protestant (Anglican) Prayer Beads has four sections containing seven medium-sized "week" beads. Each section is separated by a larger, "Cruciform" bead. The circle begins and ends at the tail, which contains another of the medium-sized beads (which may be used as a Resurrection/listening bead), an invitatory Cruciform bead, and a cross or other symbolic pendant


What is a chaplet?

A chaplet is an abbreviated set of prayer beads. When Protestant (Anglican) Prayer Beads are created in chaplet form, they typically contain a pendant/cross followed by a Cruciform bead, a Resurrection/Listenting bead, another Cruciform bead, seven Week beads, and a final Cruciform bead. They may be used for prayers similar to those used on a full set of Protestant (Anglican ) Prayer Beads by repeating the use of the Week beads as many times as desired before exiting the strand toward the cross/pendant.


What is included with a prayer bead purchase?

You will receive the purchased prayer beads plus a velvet storage pouch and a 16-page full-color booklet created by Kristi Lyn Glass describing the beads' pattern, history, and use, and containing several sample prayers that may be used with the prayer beads.


My prayer beads became unstrung. What can I do?

All prayer beads purchases come with a guarantee. Simply return all the prayer bead components (using a shipment method that provides tracking service)  to Kristi Lyn Glass for free restringing. Provide your return shipping address, and send your shipment to: Prayer Bead Restringing Request, Kristi Lyn Glass, PO Box 281630, Lamoille, NV  89828.

If you are missing any of the prayer bead components, contact Kristi Lyn Glass before returning the rest of the components for restringing. Provide your name (and the name of the purchaser, if a gift), a description of your prayer beads and the missing component (s), and your approximate order date (if known) so she can determine whether the missing components are still available. Most prayer beads are unique creations, but if replacement components can be acquired, you will be sent a PayPal invoice for their cost (including shipping). Once that invoice has been paid, you may return your prayer beads for restringing.




How do I measure my horse for SteedBeads Rhythm Beads?

Use a tape measure or a piece of string to measure the distance around your horse's neck where the SteedBeads will sit, and provide the length in inches. The beads should lie comfortably on the horse's shoulder (the drive line) and fit comfortably just in front of the withers. The SteedBeads should cross the chest area where they will not interfere with tack, such as a breastplate. SteedBeads come with an adjustment clip that allows them to be shortened, if required, but they cannot be lengthened. Therefore, order a length that is slightly longer than needed, rather than the exact size. If you use a breast collar or martingale, choose a Rhythm Beads length that will either hang above or outside your tack If your Rhythm Beads get trapped under your martingale or breast plate, don't fret. They are not likely to hurt your horse if this happens, but they may suffer due to dirt and abrasion in this position. Adjusting the length will help avoid this situation.


How do I measure my MODEL horse for SteedBeads Rhythm Beads?

SteedBeads Rhythm Beads for Model Horses come in two sizes: Small and Medium. The Medium size (approximately 7.25-inch [184mm] circumference and 2-inch [50mm] inside diameter) has been made to fit average size Breyer® Traditional series (largest) horses, such as the Quarter Horse. Size Medium may also fit other model horses that are 1:9 scale. Smaller breeds in this scale, such a Breyer® Arabian horse, will likely require a size Small (approximately 6.5-inch [165mm] circumference and 1.75-inch [44.5mm] inside diameter). Choose your size carefully, as these products are not guaranteed to fit your model horse. To measure your model horse for SteedBeads Model Horse Rhythm Beads, measure around your horse's neck with a piece of string in the location shown in the product pictures. Mark the string with a pen or pencil to indicate the beginning and end of the length needed. Then hold the string next to a ruler and measure the length between the marks on your string. The length for size Medium will be approximately 7.25 inches [184mm]; the length for size Small will be approximately 6.5 inches [165mm]. If the length on your string is not exactly one of these lengths, choose the size that is closest to the length you need. If you require a custom length, order a set of Custom SteedBeads for Model Horses. Shortly after your purchase, Kristi Lyn Glass will contact you via email to determine the custom length you require, the pendant choice, "bell" color, and bead color(s).


How do I fasten the SteedBeads Rhythm Beads around my horse's neck?

Each set of SteedBeads Rhythm Beads has a "fuse" loop that must be part of the loop the Rhythm Beads make around your horse's neck. This fuse is designed to break before the cord on which the beads are strung, because the cord has a 500+ lb. breaking strength. If your Rhythm Beads should catch on heavy brush, for example, the fuse should break and the Rhythm Beads will either fall intact to the ground or stay clipped to your horse's mane with the alligator clamp that is at one end of the Rhythm Beads. To put the SteedBeads on your horse, position the clamp end on the horse's off (right) side, bring the strand around the neck and either thread the clamp through the fuse loop and clamp it to the mane (if your SteedBeads fit nicely at their full length). If you use this method, you may remove the adjustment clip entirely. If your Rhythm Beads need to be shortened, position the adjustment clip at the desired length and clip it to the metal ring on the fuse loop. Then clamp the alligator clip to your horse's mane to keep the Rhythm Beads from rotating or slipping down your horse's neck when he/she puts his/her head down. Note that your pendant is positioned to face outward when the alligator clip end of the Rhythm Beads is on the horse's off (right) side.


How should I introduce my horse to SteedBeads products?

As good horse sense suggests, introduce rhythm beads and other SteedBeads prouducts sensibly to your horse, and do not ask your horse to wear them when riding through heavy brush. SteedBeads products should not be left on an unattended horse, and Kristi Lyn Glass is not responsible for any injuries that may result from their use. We recommend introducing them to your horse initially without a rider aboard, to determine your horse's reaction to the bell sounds. Most horses find SteedBeads products bells to be more soothing than startling.


How do I replace a broken fuse?

Your SteedBeads Rhythm Beads came with a set of two extra fuses; they were taped to the product's hang tag. If you lost the tag or the fuses, do not panic; you may use about 6" of 10 lb. test monofilament fishing line as a replacement fuse. If you have retained the split ring, which should still be attached to the adjustment clip, remove it from the adjustment clip. Thread the fuse through the ring and then line up the two ends of the fuse next to each other. Holding the ends of the fuse in one hand and the split ring in the other, make an overhand knot in the fuse so that a loop about 1.5" long (containing the ring) is on one end of the fuse. Wrap the tail ends of the fuse around the knotted end of the Rhythm Beads between the know and the first bead. Tie the fuse in this position with a square knot. Thread the tail ends of the fuse through the beads and secure the tail ends with a dot of super glue. If you have lost the split ring, you may complete the above steps without it and simply clip the adjustment clip directly to the fuse. This arrangement may be more difficult to clilp and unclip the Rhythm Beads to your horse, so you may wish to leave them clipped to the fuse and simply put on and remove the beads by slipping them over your horse's head.


How long does it take to make custom SteedBeads products?

If all components are in stock, custom SteedBeads products can be created in a few hours. If components need to be ordered, it can add a week or so to the creation time.


Can different pendants be used instead of those in stock?

A wide variety of pendant options is available. Kristi sometimes incorporates non-stockcomponents, such as metal tags or faux leather tassels, into her readymade SteedBeads products. These items are typically only available in small quantities. If you would like a non-stock pendant or something you have seen in a readymade SteedBeads product incorporated in your custom SteedBeads product, contact Kristi Lyn Glass to specify what you are seeking. She will e-mail you pictures of various possibilities from which you may choose. Keep in mind that non-stock components may increase the cost of your SteedBeads. You will be provided with a cost estimate and sent an invoice via PayPal for any additional cost incurred.


Can SteedBeads be created using glass and/or stone beads?

Durable plastic or metal components have been chosen for SteedBeads as a safety precaution should your SteedBeads somehow wind up in your horse's mouth. However, if you think this possibility is unlikely with your horse and situation, custom SteedBeads can be created with glass and/or stone beads. Such beads typically have smaller hole sizes, so such SteedBeads may have to be strung on a smaller diameter cord. Glass and/or stone beads are breakable and more costly, but if you are willing to pay more and risk losing your investment through breakage or loss, a custom set can be made to your specifications. A cost estimate will be provided by e-mail prior to requesting payment via PayPal. Inquire.


What do the different types of bells sound like?

Each type of bell has a different sound, which is hard to describe! However, in general terms, the aluminum tinkle bells have the loudest, sharpest sound. The other bells may be ranked in this order from louder to softer tones: Brass temple bells, jingle bells, round brass or chrome temple bells, enameled brass bells, and cloisonne bells.


Which types of bells are the most durable?

Brass temple bells and round brass or chromed brass temple bells are the most durable. Cloisonne bells are the least durable and are recommended only for controlled environments, such as dressage work.


How long will my SteedBeads products last?

Although SteedBeads product components are chosen for their long-term durability, SteedBeads products won't last forever. Attention to their care and cleaning will enhance their beauty and prolong their useful life.


How do I care for my SteedBeads products?

As you know, horses get dirty, and so will your SteedBeads products. Some fly sprays will affect the colors on some components, so minimize fly spray contact on your SteedBeads products. In most cases, you can clean your SteedBeads products by rinsing them with water and hanging them to dry thoroughly. For stubborn dirt and/or fly spray buildup, scrub your SteedBeads products gently with a soft toothbrush and mild detergent, then rinse them with clear water and hang them to dry. Unlike real leather tassels, faux leather tassels may be gently hand washed to remove dirt and sweat. We do not recommend full immersion of the tassels in water, as that may affect the glue that connects the tassels to their metal caps. If tassels get wet and dry crooked or bent, rewet the faux leather and straighten the strips, allowing them to dry straight. The faux leather tassels are still being use tested, so if you experience any problems with them, please let us know.


How do I get my horse's picture on the SteedBeads Testimonials page?

Your pictures and testimonials are most welcome and much appreciated! Submit your testimonial and picture on this page. When your testimonial has been approved and posted on this website, you will be notified by email.



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