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Custom White UnderCover



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Purchase this item to have a custom UnderCover made with a white base box.


Purchase this item to have a custom UnderCover made with a white base box. A wide variety of glass types/colors and endless embellishment choices are available, including embedding photographs and/or text in resin on the UnderCover's top.


UnderCovers discreetly and beautifully keep your valuables or unmentionables handy but out of sight. These one-of-a-kind decorative hollow-bottom cubes easily hide your jewelry, denture storage/cleaning box and supplies, braces, snore guard, retainer, tampons, hemorrhoid cream, extra toilet paper roll, ostomy bags, prescription drugs, small electronics . . . the possibilities are endless!


A custom UnderCover will add beautiful decor to your bathroom, bedside table, or anywhere you need to keep its secret contents handy. Internally, it measures 4.25" x 4.25" x 4.25". Its exterior measurements are 4.5" x 4.5" x approximately 4.5" high, depending on its embellishments. Accessories shown in the product photos, such as denture storage/cleaning containers and cleaning supplies, are not included with your custom UnderCover purchase.


Once you have placed your custom UnderCover order, Kristi Lyn Glass will contact you by email to find out what you have in mind for the top and embellishments. You may either be very specific or simply specify a top color/type and/or embellishment types and let Kristi use her imagination and creative flair to put together several alternatives and email you photos of them to choose from. Once you have approved the final design, she will cut the glass top, glue everything together, and ship your custom order to you via USPS Priority Mail. The whole process from order placement until shipment typically takes from 3-7 days, depending on the complexity of the project and component curing times.


If you would like a matching set of UnderCover plus custom multi-dose pillbox, simply purchase both custom items, and we will go forward from there.

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