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Red Millefiori Crosses Anglican Prayer Beads



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Flowered cross-shaped Cruciform beads, red Week beads, clear spacer beads, and a red rhinestone Celtic cross grace this 9.5 inch set of Anglican Prayer Beads.


Red and white flowered clear Millefiori glass cross-shaped Cruciform beads, transparent red bicone glass Week beads, clear round glass spacer beads, and a red rhinestone embellished pewter Celtic cross grace this 9.5 inch set of Anglican Prayer Beads. These Prayer Beads feel delightful in hand, and they will be a welcome companion for your prayers. This set features a resurrection/listening bead between the invitatory and first cruciform bead.


Protestant (Anglican) Prayer Beads are similar to a Catholic Rosary, but for Protestants to use during prayer. Unlike the Catholic Rosary, which has a set pattern for its use, Anglican Prayer Beads may be used any way that feels right for you


The circlet of Anglican Prayer Beads has four sections containing seven medium-sized "week" beads. Each section is separated by a larger, "Cruciform" bead. The circle begins and ends at the tail, which contains another of the medium-sized beads (which may be used as a Resurrection/listening bead), an invitatory Cruciform bead, and a cross or other symbolic pendant.


Purchase of these prayer beads includes a velvet storage pouch and a 16-page "Anglican Prayer Beads" booklet by Kristi Lyn Glass containing pictures, history, symbolism, instructions, and nine sample prayers.


Also included is a lifetime string-replacement guarantee: If your Prayer Beads become unstrung at any time, simply return all the beads to Kristi Lyn Glass with $6.00 for return postage, and she will restring them for free.

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