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New Hearty Cloisonne-like Creations

Hearty Unicorn

Inspired by my earlier cloisonne-like wooden creations, I recently made four more such wall hangings with a “hearty” theme. A white unicorn, shown above, sports a red blanket and mask made entirely with hearts. A Hearty Horse sports similar attire.

I also created two wooden purple and teal crosses using the same technique and my favorite Pebeo Fantasy Enamels. The Teal Dichro Cross below departs from the “hearty” theme. It features a lovely iridescent aqua dichroic glass cabochon.

Teal Dichro Cross

My purple and teal Hearty Cross features a puffy turquoise Howlite heart at the center of its heart-filled design. All are for sale on my website and would look terrific on your wall or bookshelf. Check them all out here.

See my earlier blog post for a tutorial on how I create works like these.  Leave me a comment to let me know what you think of these!

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