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New SteedBeads Rhythm Beads For Horses

3 Sets of SteedBeads Rhythm Beads

Spurred on by a donation request by an Idaho barrel racing club, I recently created six new sets of SteedBeads Rhythm Beads for horses. Three of them went to Idaho, for use as prizes for the club’s upcoming events. I just posted the other three for sale on my website.

Featured in this group is a Blaze Orange set that will be perfect for potentially safer trail riding during hunting seasons.

Blaze Orange SteedBead Rhythm Beads

It features six large very LOUD brass almond-shaped bells, which should go a long way toward alerting others to you and your horse’s presence. If hunters get close enough to see you, the blaze orange color of these SteedBeads should also let them know that your horse is NOT a deer!

I always feel more comfortable riding my white horses on the trails during hunting season, as I seriously doubt they will be mistaken for albino deer!

The two other sets feature my favorite purple/teal color combo and a blond bead combo that will match your tack and look great on any color horse. All are 52″ in length that will fit a large horse. Their size adjustment clips can reduce their length, but they cannot make the sets longer.

Check them out on my website. If you don’t see colors or combos there that will suit your needs, you can order a custom set of SteedBeads rhythm beads and have it in your hands quickly. You may also add matching SteedBeads Mane Dangles or Saddle Dangles to any set purchased. Happy trails!

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