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How to Have Fun With a Retired Horse


When Nancy Antes, of Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, retired her horse, Misty, she wanted to find a fun way to enjoy Misty’s company while giving them both some light exercise. To that end, she purchased a set of Blaze Orange SteedBeads Rhythm Beads from my website,

Nancy explained, “Misty is 31 years old and I have finally retired her from carrying me around.  I bought the bells because I am going to hand walk her through the woods with my neighbors and their two dogs.  She is black, and she will be dressed with the orange bells, a orange halter and lead rope, and orange boots.  She will look quite fancy.”

Not long after receiving her SteedBeads Rhythm Beads, Nancy placed an order for two matching SteedBeads Mane Dangles.

I suggested that, if she wanted Misty to look gorgeous from ALL sides, I could make her a matching custom tail dangle and ship it with the Mane Dangles. Nancy was immediately on board, so I created a tail dangle to match her other SteedBeads.

I sent Nancy a picture of the tail dangle on my horse’s tail (with my horse looking over his shoulder at me) for her approval of the design. Nancy replied, ” I love what you have created.  You are very talented and you have such a gift.  I chuckled at the picture of your horse because this is what went through my mind: ‘”‘Does this make my butt look big?'” 

Here is how the tail dangle looks on Misty.

Nancy then told me she had ordered some butterflies to add to Misty’s decor, adding. “I know every little girl loves butterflies!” So I asked her to send me pictures of Misty wearing all her beautiful bling.

Misty even has a butterfly on her tail!

Nancy can now take Misty on walks in the woods with her friends without worrying that Misty might be mistaken for a deer. Nancy has fun decking Misty out in her blaze orange accessories and listening to her SteedBeads’ bells as they walk along together. Nancy even has a matching orange shirt.

Nancy is happy to give Misty all this attention and care as they both age beyond their riding years. Nancy sums it up, “After all, she carried me around for 26 years!”

I’m happy my SteedBeads products have helped Nancy and Misty have so much fun together during Misty’s retirement.

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