Website Completely Redesigned on New Platform

I haven’t been adding blog posts for a while because I have been chained to my computer working with a London developer to completely redesign my website

The old website used a Magento e-commerce platform. I had to hire expensive programmers to fix its bugs and install updates. When Magento releases its next version, it will no longer support the version I was using. To upgrade to the new version of Magento, I would have to extensively revise my website at considerable expense

This situation sparked my decision to convert the website to a WordPress WooCommerce platform. Having designed and managed many WordPress websites, I will be able to do most of the site maintenance myself, which will definitely save money. My new website is also much faster and more user- and device-friendly.

As part of the redesign project, I designed the logo at left to rebrand my business. It  reflects the full spectrum of ideas that start in my head and result in my many unique artistic creations.

The new website went live in April 2019. Please check it out and let me know what you think of it!

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One thought on “Website Completely Redesigned on New Platform

  1. The new website is wonderful!

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