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Magnets Provide New Art Format

Magnets can feature beautiful artwork, rather than displaying funny or favorite quotes or serving as mementos of places you’ve visited. You hang artwork on your walls to beautify your home. Why not let such creations also beautify your fridge, white board, or other metal surfaces?

With this concept in mind, I used one of my pillboxes‘ and UnderCover’s popular embellishment techniques to create the four unusually large magnets shown above. These 3″ square or round magnets contain my favorite, but unpredictable, fantasy enamels. I’ve protected and enhanced the resultant designs with a self-doming resin layer containing strategically placed glitter in harmonizing colors.

The Bird in Tree Magnet shown below is one example of the “happy accidents” the fantasy enamels often create.

Bird In Tree Magnet

I must admit I did use a toothpick to help this “tree” grow, but the “bird” just settled magically onto one of its branches.

As with my other creations, these magnets are both beautiful and useful. They can corral your grocery coupons, clamp down your upcoming schedule, keep event tickets handy, or perform whatever possible function you can imagine.

White Lady Magnet

The White Lady Magnet above keeps a grocery list handy for updating. A tiny red star magically kissed her lips.

I’m offering these four magnetic works of art for $8.00 each on my website. Snap up your favorite one quickly, before it is gracing someone else’s home.

Please leave a blog comment to let me know what you think of these magnets and this new way to bring my useful creations into your home.

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