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Prayer Bead Presentation In Elko, NV

Prayer Bead Presentation Announcement

As an outreach effort in my local community, I will be giving a free presentation about Protestant prayer beads at 10 a.m. Saturday, July 16, 2022, upstairs at the Elko Area Chamber of Commerce building (Sherman Station) at 1405 Idaho St. in Elko, Nevada. I will be there from 9 a.m. until noon with my full inventory of prayer bead creations available for sale.

My presentation will include:

  • Protestant prayer bead history and use
  • Their bead symbolism and pattern
  • Types of Protestant prayer beads
  • How to pray using Protestant prayer beads
  • Sample prayers

If you live in the Elko area, this is an excellent opportunity to learn how using Protestant prayer beads can organize and enhance your prayer time. If you are interested in purchasing my prayer bead creations, there’s nothing better than personally viewing them and experiencing how comfortable (and comforting) particular sets feel in hand. You may prefer a specific color combination, bling level, bead size or type, pendant choice, or length (regular, necklace, or chaplet/bracelet). Although you can view all available prayer bead creations on my website, pictures often don’t do them justice. Here’s your chance to find and experience the perfect set for you or your giftee.

If you have Elko area friends, please help spread the word about this event by emailing them this information and/or posting the above meme on social media that might reach my local audience. Thanks for your help with this!


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