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New Protestant Prayer Bead Booklet

Prayer Bead Booklet

I recently updated and revised my 16-page “Anglican Prayer Beads” booklet to add new prayers. I also replaced references to “Anglican prayer beads” with “Protestant prayer beads” to avoid confusion. The new booklet now has 20 pages and is titled “Protestant Prayer Beads.”

I now include the new booklet with each of my Protestant prayer bead sales, along with a velveteen storage pouch and my lifetime restringing guarantee. The booklet is also available via digital download from my website.

Anglican vs. Protestant

There is actually no difference between Anglican and Protestant prayer beads. Anglicans are associated with the Church of England and also with Episcopalians. Both were early adopters of Protestant prayer beads for use during prayer, so Protestant prayer beads were first called “Anglican prayer beads.” Although Anglicans and Episcopalians are both Christian Protestant denominations, there are many other Christian Protestant denominations whose members use Protestant prayer beads. Because you can be use them any way you like, they are also popular with non-Christian believers in a Higher Power who is not necessarily Christ.

Protestant prayer beads could be referred to as “non-Catholic prayer beads,” to differentiate them from Catholic Rosaries, but then there are Mala prayer beads (with a different bead layout) used in Buddhist and Hindu prayer ceremonies. So it makes the most sense to call the prayer beads I make “Protestant prayer beads,” because that terminology is the most inclusive and understandable. Protestant prayer beads also typically (but not always) include an “empty” cross pendant (to signify the risen Christ) instead of the crucifix (containing Christ’s body) favored by Catholics. They also have the expected Protestant/Anglican bead layout compatible with prayers composed for their use.

New Additions

In addition to the nine sample prayers contained in my original “Anglican Prayer Beads” booklet, the new “Protestant Prayer Beads” booklet contains the two new prayers I recently posted on this blog. These are the Prayer for Fearful Times and the Prayer for Patience.

Although I had considered creating more such prayers to create a separate booklet, it made more sense to simply include them in this booklet revision.

I also replaced most of the booklet’s prayer bead pictures with new ones and changed the cover colors from purple and teal to blue and green.

Product Rebranding

On my website, I called my earlier prayer bead creations “Anglican” instead of “Protestant.” All of my prayer bead product descriptions also referred to my booklet as titled “Anglican Prayer Beads,” instead of “Protestant Prayer Beads,” and having 16 instead of 20 pages. Therefore, rebranding my prayer bead products and booklet as “Protestant,” instead of “Anglican,” required extensive website corrections to avoid customer confusion as to the difference between the two words and the name and size of my booklet. All prayer bead products’  inclusion pictures now show the new booklet, instead of the old one.


I hope this booklet update and rebranding effort is well received and helps eliminate my potentially confusing use of “Anglican” in my product descriptions. Were you confused? Please let me know by leaving a comment on this post.



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