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Lamoille Harvest Festival Update

Harvest Festival Photo

My large booth at the October 6, 2018, Lamoille Harvest Festival at the Rancher’s Center in Lamoille, Nevada, netted me abundant sales from 27 buyers. Biggest sellers were my decorative pill organizers, followed by my local area magnets, protestant prayer beads, chaplets, and UnderCovers.

This was my first opportunity to gauge first-hand potential buyers’ reactions to my new UnderCover secret storage cubes. It was fun for me to demonstrate their many uses by lifting the cubes to reveal unmentionables such as tampons, panty liners, and denture boxes. This resulted in many smiles and “Aha” moments.

Similarly, many booth visitors gazed appreciatively at my beautiful pillboxes, but it was not until I turned one of them over to reveal its pill compartments that they figured out what they actually were. This experience typically resulted in big smiles and a rush to turn over other pillboxes to view their various configurations. Many then called over their companions to share their amazement and appreciation of these unique products, often resulting in sales.

My local area magnets were a big seller, also, particularly as many of the Lamoille Canyon ones had unexpectedly become keepsakes. They memorialize the way the canyon looked before a huge fire burned 3/4 of its 12-mile length Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2018. Access to the canyon, which is known as Nevada’s hidden jewel, similar to Yosemite, will likely be closed until the end of November, and who knows what it will look like next spring.

I could not have done so well at the Festival without the stellar help of Ginny Oustad, who processed and packaged all my sales using my PayPal Here credit card swiper and calculator on her smart phone. Many thanks for her assistance and expertise!

The event also helped me publicize my upcoming Open Studio event from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Nov. 10, 2018. Watch for another blog post soon about that. I’ll also be blogging about all the new pillboxes and other products I created for the Festival. Although many of them have sold, you can check out my full inventory on my website.

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