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Encaustic Experiments

Lady of the Glacier

Can you see the veiled Victorian lady in this work, Lady of the Glacier?

I’ve been experimenting lately with my encaustic (melted wax) tools, trying to add a bit of realistic detail to otherwise abstract landscapes. The results have been pleasing, and I am learning a lot in the process.

I’m especially fond of using metallic and glittery wax components that look very different when viewed at an angle or in bright sunlight, such as in the picture below.

Lady of the Glacier viewed in bright sunlight.

Lady of the Glacier viewed in bright sunlight.

I’ve also been intrigued by the people who magically appear in my encaustic works. All it takes is to scratch away a bit of the wax to reveal their faces. In the work below, Tryst in the Mountains, I found two people begging for introductions. Again, they seem to be clothed in period garb of their respective sexes.

Tryst in the Mountains

Can you find the couple meeting on a mountain ridge in this encaustic work, Tryst in the Mountains?

The painting takes on a glittery effect in the sunlight, when viewed from an angle, as shown below. This effect is dazzling, but hard to capture in a photograph!

Tryst in the Mountains viewed in bright sunlight.

Tryst in the Mountains viewed in bright sunlight.

Large and small prints of these two works are available on my website. The prints will not exhibit the same  glittery effects as the originals do in sunlight, but they are still interesting pieces of art and larger than the originals. When I have framed the originals, I also will be offering them for sale on my website. If you are interested in purchasing one or both of the 9.25″ x 5.875″ originals (either framed or unframed), please contact me for details and pricing.

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