UTEEite Star Suncatchers/Necklaces

Rainbow Star Suncatcher Necklace

One of four new Star Suncatchers/Necklaces on my website.

Inspired by the holy star of the Christmas season, I created four new star-filled suncatchers, three of which may also be worn as unique necklaces. I first painted both sides of three different sizes of wooden stars with various shades of nail polish and made sure each star had a glittery finish of some sort. Then I embedded the stars and a strand of wire in molten UTEEite (ultra thick embossing enamel), leaving parts of the wire exposed for hanging loops for suspension cords and suspended glass bead dangles in complementary colors.

Ever interested in multifunctionality, I fashioned the hanging cords of three of the suncatchers with sliding beads that adjust the hanging length when the suncatchers are worn as necklaces. An additional glass bead hangs down your back and prevents the sliding bead from coming off the cord. These creations definitely have a wow factor that will invite awe and comment whether they are hanging in your window or around your neck.

Check them out on my website and let me know what you think!

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