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Oodles of New Prayer Beads

14 Prayer Beads

I recently created the above ten Protestant prayer beads and the below six Protestant prayer bead chaplet bracelets and added them all to my website.

.Six Chaplet Bracelets

And I forgot to do a blog post on the 14 prayer beads (pictured below) that I made back in February 2023:

Although some of these creations have already sold, there are still oodles of prayer beads, prayer bead necklaces, and chaplets to choose from on my website.

Many of the most recent additions to my inventory feature stone beads and pendants from a stash of beaded necklaces that a friend’s deceased sister Carolyn created.  They were not selling as necklaces, so my friend gave them all to me to take apart and use in my prayer beads. I am so grateful for this treasure trove! For example, the Onyx Crosses Protestant Prayer Bead Necklace below features a beautiful striped onyx pendant from Carolyn’s stash.

Onyx Prayer Beads

The Red Agate Heart Protestant Prayer Beads also contain a lovely heart-shaped agate pendant and agate Cruciform beads from Carolyn’s stash.

Red Agate Heart Prayer Beads

There are also several standout creations from my February batch of prayer beads. The Patriotic Eagle Protestant Prayer Bead Necklace below features faceted blue glass stars and an unusual cross-shaped silver eagle pendant.

Patriotic Eagle Necklace

The Pink N Green Fish Protestant Prayer Bead Necklace features unique roller-ball fish Cruciform beads and a sparkly iridescent faceted glass pendant encased in a silver-plated filigreed lotus flower.

Check out all my Protestant prayer beads and chaplets on my website. They make great gifts, and each comes with a velveteen storage pouch, a copy of my 20-page Protestant Prayer Beads booklet, and a lifetime restringing guarantee.

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