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Cross Saddle Dangle

Cross Saddle Dangle

SteedBeads Cross Saddle Dangle


A great SteedBeads Mane Dangle customer from Missouri was looking for a cross Saddle Dangle for her show saddle. She had seen some advertised made out of leather with crystal rhinestones on them in various colors. I researched those and saw that most sold for around $30.00, which to me seemed exorbitant, given they looked unlikely to hold up under typical horseback riding conditions.

I decided I could make a much prettier cross Saddle Dangle that is more durable saddle bling. I created a Saddle Dangle similar to the one in the picture above, and my customer was thrilled. After sending it off to her, I made the one pictured above and posted it for sale on my website–at half the price of the leather alternative. Construction details are on the product listing. What do you think of it?

I can make similar ones in different colors on a custom basis, using any of the pendants for my SteedBeads product line. If this interests you, please contact me.

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