6 Enjoy (in)RL Beach House Gathering

(in)Real Life Elko Meetup Group

Attendees at the Elko (in)RL meetup April 28, 2012


The (in)Real Life meetup I hosted at my home on Saturday, April 28, had 6 participants. We made new friends, enjoyed great food and conversations, and watched the inspirational webcasts provided by those that manage the (in)Courage website/blog. We had such a terrific time, we’ve decided to meet again in a month for dinner at a local restaurant.

If you’re looking for uplifting and encouraging inspiration and support, I highly recommend the (in)Courage website/blog. It has a large worldwide following and is affiliated with DaySpring, the Christian subsidiary of Hallmark. You can sign up to receive the blog posts in your email inbox on a weekly or per-post basis. I find that the posts by a variety of authors provide a welcome balance to the discouraging national and world news that seems to bombard me daily. Maybe you will, too!

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