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14 Mirrored Decorative Pillboxes

14 Mirrored Pillboxes

My latest batch of 14 mostly mirrored decorative multi-dose pillboxes feature enameled and glittery resined tops in a variety of colors. They are now available on my website. Some have marbled effects and my handmade resin cabochons, like this Sandstorm 7-dose rectangle.

Sandstorm Pillbox

Some look like mountain landscapes with mirrored skies, like this Misty Mountains 32-dose pillbox.

Misty Mountains Pillbox

Some reflect (literally) my use of tinted resin to enhance the effect and colors, like this Green Pond XL 14-dose pillbox.

Green Pond XL 14-dose pillbox

Two have resined enamel covering the entire glass surface, like this Green Silver Cyclone 7-dose rectangle pillbox. Note how the resin created unexpected ripples in the enamel layer.


This batch also added more of my larger pillbox sizes to my readymade pillbox inventory, which were lacking. I also added a new Custom 7-dose Rectangle Pillbox option to accommodate this newly available base box size.

Each of these pillboxes is like a fascinating jewel in hand and will look delightful on any countertop. My mirrored and enameled pillboxes are selling quickly, so if one of these appeals to you, snap it up today on my website!

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