Fun Making UTEEite Embellishments

UTEEite Embellishments

I made these pretty UTEEite embellishments in just an hour or two.

I spent several hours this past week making a large group of UTEEite embellishments that I hope to incorporate into future jewelry and/or pillbox creations. To give you an idea of their size, the snowflake pictured is 3.75″ in diameter.

To make these embellishments, I melted clear ultra thick embossing enamel (UTEE) crystals in one of my Suze Weinberg  Melting Pots and several colors of UTEE in my other Melting Pot. Then I poured some of the clear UTEE into the colored UTEE in the other pot, stirred it slightly, then poured the mixture onto a non-stick craft sheet. I quickly pressed various metal cookie cutters into the molten puddle. When the UTEE was warm to the touch, I snipped and bent the UTEE to release the various shapes shown in the picture above. Then I cleaned up any rough edges with my Hot Wax Stylus.

I incorporated some beautiful Pipe Dreams Opals embossing enamel (from Australia) into these pieces, so they exhibit intriguing depth and glimmer as you turn them in the light. The clear UTEE provides windows into the interior of each piece, which doesn’t show at all in the picture above!

This process provides almost instant gratification, which I always enjoy!

I plan to do this again soon using different colors so I will have a variety of embellishments to work with on future projects. Do you have any ideas to suggest for using embellishments like these in new creations?

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3 thoughts on “Fun Making UTEEite Embellishments

  1. Willow says:

    Oh Kristi your utee embellishments are beautiful!!! I too use a mix of utee and opals for spectacular colors but I have not played in literally years. Guess, I will just have to drag out my melting pot. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!

  2. Laura says:

    Wow, your work is beautiful. I saw some Utee demos when Carol Duvall was still on the air & have wanted to try it since then. Finally made the time & got some of the equipment & have enjoyed playing. Can you suggest some DVDs, web sites where I can learn some of these techniques? I don’t make jewelry but want to use embellishments in mosaics.

  3. admin says:

    Thanks for your encouraging comments! Laura, you should check out Suze Weinberg’s website for videos and more. There are links to her videos and blog on that site. You might also want to join her yahoo group at
    Have fun!

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