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The Wonderment of Wonder Stones

Wonder Stones

Most of these Wonder Stones are too big for jewelry or pillbox embellishments, but I couldn't resist bringing them home.

I recently took a road trip in the Elko, NV, area and found a huge cache of Wonder Stone, also known as Rhyolite. This type of sandstone-like rock is known for its concentric red and yellow rings.
I took my time and sought out smallish pieces with good markings for use in future jewelry and pillbox projects. I glazed some of the best sides of the rocks to give them a wet effect and further highlight the ring patterns.
 The rocks below I’ve glazed and carved a bit with my Dremel tool to make them easier to wire wrap securely for jewelry use. Watch for these wondrous stones to be incorporated into many new creations soon!
Wonder Stones

These glazed Wonder Stones will be made into jewelry.

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