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Mesmerizing Enameled Jewelry

Sparkly Green Oval Necklace

Resined fantasy enamel techniques I use to embellish some of my decorative pill organizers, magnets, and UnderCover secret storage cubes are now available on several new jewelry creations.

The above Sparkly Green Oval Necklace is one such example. Its magical disk was originally one of those 5″ wide x 3 3/8″ high promotional magnets you may have received in the mail from various charities. I experimented with adding fantasy enamels and glitter-filled resin to the disk, thinking it would make a beautiful large magnet. Unfortunately, my embellishment effort made the rather weak magnet so heavy that it could no longer hold itself up!

It was otherwise so lovely, I felt compelled to put it to another–likely even better–use. I put black adhesive-backed felt on its backside, drilled 8 holes along its edges, attached an adjustable neck chain and six matching beaded fringe-like dangles, and voila! It became a statement-piece Sparkly Green Oval Necklace!

This lightweight necklace is designed to hang at mid-chest, perfect for wearing on a simple tunic top or dress. It will definitely be a eye-catching conversation starter, generating a lot of interest and questions about its creation.

Sparkly Green Oval Necklace

Making this necklace inspired me to apply this technique to more jewelry creations.

Black Unicorn Pin

The above Black Unicorn is 3.25 inches wide x 4 inches high. To create it, I embellished a fiberboard unicorn cutout in the same manner as the oval disk, adding an iridized rhinestone for its eye. Originally, I planned to turn it into a magnet. However, a few friends thought it would make a better pin, so that’s what it became.

I created a similar Gray Unicorn at the same time that also became a dazzling statement pin.

Gray Unicorn Pin

All three of these magical creations are available for sale on my website. If you want any of them, you’d better snap them up quickly!

Please leave a comment on this post to let me know what you think of these new beauties. Watch for more jewelry items inspired by these designs. Earrings, anyone?

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