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New XXL Pillbox Size Available

XXL 14-dose Pillbox

Bottom view of XXL 14-dose pillbox. Pills shown are aspirin and Citrical.

I was delighted to find this extra-extra-large (XXL) 14-dose pillbox available, so I stocked up on these in the three available colors (transparent clear, aqua, and blue) for use as base boxes for my stained glass multi-dose decorative pillboxes.

This is the largest size pillbox I am currently making. It will be great for those who take a large number of pills daily. The removable center divider in each compartment makes this versatile pillbox useful for large daily doses, moderate AM/PM doses, or two weeks of moderate daily doses.

This XXL 14-dose pillbox has 7 large compartments with  separate locking lids labeled with letters and Braille for the days of the week. You press a button at the end of the box to release the locking mechanism so any of the compartment lids may be opened. (Locking mechanism may be removed, if desired.) Compartments have curved bottoms so their contents can be easily dispensed. Each compartment has a centered removable divider that can be used to separate AM and PM doses, as indicated on the compartments’ lids. Each day’s compartment is 2 x 1.5 x 1.125 inch deep (inside measurements). Externally, the box measures 2.25 x 11.125 x approximately 1.5 inches high, depending on the height of the added embellishments.

I’ve created three lovely embellished stained glass pillboxes in this size (pictured below) and made them available for sale on my website in a new category for readymade  XXL 14-dose pillboxes. The stained glass on all three of these is translucent, so these boxes are especially beautiful in hand when back lit by sunlight.

If one of these won’t meet your needs, order a custom XXL 14-dose pillbox or any of my other pillboxes, either readymade or custom.

XXL 14-dose Readymade Pillboxes

Newly created XXL 14-dose pillboxes

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of these and this new pillbox size.

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